As an anxious teenager growing up on Long Island, New York, Marysia Do found herself quite randomly purchasing a Rodney Yee yoga DVD.  There was no way at that time she could have imagined the magnitude of the passion that would over take her life. 

     At 17 she moved to California to study at the University of Southern California.  It was in Santa Monica in 2003 at YogaWorks Main Street that the fascination set in deep.  Marysia is extremely type A and so yoga became her safe place, where achievement did not matter.  She showed up everyday simply because she loved it.  In yoga being “good” was beside the point.  The point was to be at peace with the process. 

     Marysia was obsessed with this way of operating.  She practiced softly accepting her desires and enjoying the journey.  She even arranged her college class schedule around her favorite yoga classes.  Upon graduating Marysia realised that her closest friends were the people with whom she spent the most time, her yoga people.  Marysia admired how disciplined, yet free spirited and loving her yoga friends were. 

     Because yoga was Marysia’s safe space she chose not make it her profession.  She feared that making yoga her job would corrupt her passion.  Plus she found another calling: Acupuncture and Herbology. 

     Over the years Marysia had seen a number of her friends suffer from yoga related injuries and she wanted to have a means to help.  Having seen and experienced the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine herself, Marysia chose to commit the next 5 years of her life to graduate school at Yo San University. 

While in school Marysia taught a few yoga lessons a week and continued to schedule her graduate school classes around her favorite yoga classes- Priorities!  Marysia valued her eight-year mentorship with her yoga teachers more than anything.

     Upon graduating form Chinese Medical School, Marysia married the love of her life and he whisked her off to fabulous Singapore.  The laws are strict in Singapore and the government refused to acknowledge Marysia’s education.  Additionally, in Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine courses are only offered in Mandarin.  Marysia was stuck so she kept doing what she always did.  She went to yoga.

     Soon the assistant manager at Pure Yoga suggested to Marysia that she work for Pure.  Marysia leapt at the chance!  Though quite advanced in some ways Marysia found the Singapore yoga culture rather inhibited. She wanted to show them how powerful they really were!

     Marysia was on a mission.  But as she applied the techniques she had learned over her 10 years of practice she found the students progress limited.  So she set her textbook learning aside and began to innovate. 

She studied her student’s movement and thinking patterns, which shifted her teaching style.  In a short amount of time Marysia became famous all over South East Asia, Australia and in the Middle East for her ability to expedite the journey into advanced asana using both innovative and traditional techniques.  Marysia uses motivational speaking, meditation and music in addition to pragmatic sequencing and alignment cues to empower her students.  She is also capable of teaching to the individual even within the flow of large group classes. 

     Marysia’s background in Chinese Medicine taught her to consider her students bodies in a unique way, which has proved to be highly effective.  Marysia has a tremendous amount of respect her students’ individuality and loves studying how different people process information.  Marysia’s students’ are a mirror of her unconditional love and so the connections created in the classroom are profound. 

     With a very heavy heart, in July 2017, Marysia and her husband move back to the US.   She now lives in Denver, Colorado and looks forward to sharing her acquired knowledge with the western yoga world. 

     Marysia’s fear, that making yoga her profession would poison her passion, could not have proven more false.  Although Marysia is still super A type, in the yoga room she takes such joy in forgetting herself in service to her students.  Marysia is her best version of self when she is teaching yoga.