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Stay Humble; The "Truth" is Relative

I have opinions, some are strong But I also know that my opinions May not be true. When I first came to Singapore I had been trained With very specific rules about alignment And building my career on the whole. But as I taught, I began to see than while Many of the rules were applicable Other rules could be safely molded To fit the students’ needs. And so I began to explore. I let go of what I thought I knew To discover more! I began to integrate the information I learned in TCM school With gymnastics techniques, Motivational tactics and spiritual teachings. I used social media To grow my student base. But most importantly I became present With my students. Instead of concerning myself With

2017: The Year of Miracles!

2017 is the year of miracles! Not long ago the Vietnam war Devastated far too many. The use of Agent Orange still affects thousands. And yet here I am, an American girl in Vietnam, Celebrating the New Year with My Vietnamese husband and American parents All of whom were directly affected by the war. It's nothing short of a miracle. There are an infinite number of miracles every moment. This is the year I choose to experience them more deeply. Thank you parents, family and friends! Thank you students everywhere! You are my miracles. And most especially thank you John Do. In my wildest dreams I could not have created The miraculous life and love that we share. You are my greatest miracle of al

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