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In Between

Often on IG yoga I see before and after shots 2015-kinda shitty: 2017-super elegant What happened to in between? Let me show you! I started filming @elvinac in class because Her fails were so heavy and her spirit so light. (Far too often I see the opposite.) Elvina doesn't give a Fuck! She was never discouraged. After every epic fall she was still an eager little puppy Wagging her tail, excited to try again. And why not?! While achieving a pose is fun, falling is fun too! Good stuff happens in between shitty and elegant. In life we set up goals, Our goals take u s on a journey It’s up to us if we practice enjoying the journey. The poses don’t really matter. Being a strong yogi is having a st

Listening Without A Filter

So many of us spend our lives collecting information that confirms what we already believe to be true rather than actually listening, reflecting and ultimately learning. Often when I am trying express myself I find the person I am talking to is so quick to liken my experience to their own that they completely miss my point. Sometimes it’s worth clarifying my thoughts. Other times it’s clear that the person just wants to be heard and so I listen. I catch myself stepping on others' thoughts too sometimes. I apologize, I really don’t mean to. I want to see the world though the eyes of others because although their perspectives don’t always change my own, their views are always enriching. L

Friday Everyday

​Try replacing the phrase “I have to” with “I GET to.” There is something likable/loveable about everything! And there are some things that aren’t worth your time. Focus your energy. Exercise mental discipline and pay attention to the joy in all things! It’s challenging but doable. This is my personal practice and the key to all my happiness. As my husband says: “Let's live everyday like it’s Friday!” 📸 @nknds

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