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Marysia Do is Fire

Fire. In yoga, Fire is transformative. It also heals. It is a 'havan' that welcomes new life into the world. It is around the fire that one takes a vow to be with the other through lifetimes. It is again through fire that one turns to ash at the end of life. It also signifies rebirth. Inner fire, or tapas in yoga, burns away old patterns of thought (samskara) to bring about a new history; a new awakening. Marysia is this in my life. I met her in 2014 and while you only need to google her to know her physical capabilities, to me she is just something else. Emotionally and physically, I was just not ready for her. And she knew that. It wasnt until 2016, that I reached out to her during a tum

Asana Isn't Really About The Poses

Asana isn't really about the yoga poses. It's the practice of discovering who you are while in pursuit of the poses. With enhanced awareness you can choose to stay the same or set the intention for a more peaceful process. The practice is watching how the mind interacts with the body and effects the spirit. Asana isn't from books, pod casts etc. It's from the self!

How I Built My Social Media Presence

When I first started posting on Instragram it was uncomfortable for me. I didn’t have a good eye for photography and the whole process felt super self-indulgent. Why do people need to stare at my face? -and how many ways can I reinvent the handstand? But I kept posting believing that it was the smart thing to do to expand my outreach and believing that it would get easier. Awkward as it was, I continued to put myself out there. One day I was talking to my student, @yvettejune who studied social media and she offered me advice. She said “just teach! That’s what your good at. And remove the veil; let us know more about who you are as a person." BOOM DONE! I love teaching and I love w

Ninja Ting Ting Chen

I had just finished attending a class @pureyogaofficial and this girl comes up to me and says: “I want to do that. Can you teach me that handstand? Here let me give you my phone number, I will be moving to Singapore next month.” That’s @tingtingchenyoga . No mincing words, simple, sincere and direct. Ting Ting is a yoga teacher and had been practicing for a number of years but handstands were still elusive for her. Since moving to Singapore she attended class daily and maintained her home practice. Here she is now, about 3 years later and 30 weeks pregnant. Ting Ting just does the work. Ting Ting doesn’t need encouragement because she doesn’t take her practice personally. She knows there are

Heathy Relationships

Don't make something of nothing, But deal with it before it become a big deal. Healthy relationships require thoughtful actions.

How I Stay Energised

People ask me all the time: "How do you stay so energised when you fly around every week, teach everyday for weeks on end and party?" It's true, I'm always in the fun zone. I never get sick I show up for my social obligations and I'm always there for my students. Answer: a lot of planning, a simple mind and unwavering faith. I always know everything is coming together perfectly. I hold the belief that every hiccup, large or small, is working in my favor so I don't waist energy getting frazzled. (Being happily married and not having kids helps too) I just take things one at a time. I meditated 10-20 min daily. I journal. If I do find my mind obsessing over something, I just take

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