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Meet Elvina: My Cup of Coffee :)

Meet Elvina, another Rock Star member of my crew… well let’s be real, they are all Rock Stars! I’m sure I’m biased, but I still think I have the coolest work hard, play hard crew of students. Elvina has a special talent for never feeling discouraged by challenges and she always knows how to make me laugh! Check her out in this video produced by the talented @denisekellerofficial.

The Unlikeliest of Friends

Being an international yoga teacher is not as glamorous as it looks. I have spent many nights on planes, there’s a lot of paperwork, I don’t get time to myself and I miss my husband and cat… but for me it’s totally worth it! I love experiencing different cultures though the eyes of my yoga community. Through yoga I have made the unlikeliest of friends, people whom under no other circumstance would I get to meet, know and love. I love feeling my mind expand as I see the world though the eyes of someone whose life I had never before imagined. Frankly, my favourite is learning to love some is whose lifestyle or beliefs are considered “weird” or “bad" to the folks I grew up with. Everyone’s

The Backlash Was Worth It

What most people don’t realize is that when you are a yoga teacher you’re kind of a “show pony.” (My job is to bring the positive and perceptive vibes always, especially when the students have shelled out a lot of money or have flown from another country to attend a workshop). The good news is that I love studying what I call “unconditional joy” and “unconditional clarity.” They are like muscles that I’ve exercised so that I can reach inside myself and bring forward my best self, even if I haven’t slept or I just got news from the doctor that I’m dying (seriously I taught 3 classes after I got that horrible false alarm). I never had to fake joy. I love teaching and I got strong at immersing

Rebel Hearts I'm With You

When I began yoga as a teenager I was very impressionable. I assumed that my teachers and the ancient texts knew better than I. I ignored my intuition because I didn’t value it. I valued what I was taught. As I grew older for various reasons I began to hear a voice from inside speak a bit louder. I was ashamed of my independent mindedness because when I questioned things I was considered “difficult” and I was belittled publicaly. But over the years my voice grew louder and louder anyway. I allowed it to grow because I noticed that my intuition was steering me in a direction that brought not just myself but the people around me greater happiness and harmony. I began to respect what was

Happy 52nd Singapore

I enjoy calm under pressure, but when I am not presented with challenges I grow restless. I think that’s one of the reasons I connect so well with Singapore. Singapore is fabulous and fun but it is also intense and hyper stimulating! It is my happy place. A land for those ambitious personalities who like to work and play hard! Tomorrow Singapore is 52 years old! Happy National Day Singapore!!! All that this country has accomplished in just 52 years absolutely blows my mind. The majority of Singaporeans are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. The country also houses many expats from all over the world. Singapore is a country of growth because of the eclectic mix of high performing ind

Make Class a Cocreation

After class students often ask how I know exactly what they were thinking. I'm not a psychic; I just pay a lot of attention. Every teacher is different. I never enter a class with a "theme" or a specific message to convey. I don't want to impose upon my students what they should learn from yoga. Instead I like the mental/spirituality part of class to be a cocreation. I watch the students interact with the postures I give them and I let their interactions inspire my words. I am a big believer in presence and therefore spontaneity. Throughout class I make some commentary and then at the end of class I summarize the experience with a little speech about a theme that emerged. It’s so eff

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