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Focus Here Cuz Out There is Madness.

When I read the news and hear about the atrocities that innocent people face I feel hurt and confused. Making sense of it all is impossible. Trying to save the world leaves me feeling helpless. So what can I do? You see, I still kinda believe in world peace, but how we get there I don’t know. For now I practice putting my head down and focus on those around me. I choose to support my husband, family, friends and students. I’m starting locally and having a faith that together we can figure out a way to grow our efforts. Still, fact of the matter is that between nuclear weapons, and natural disasters who really knows what the next strike will be? We are all vulnerable. More than ever there is

Khalsom: The Sassiest Member of my Crew

Meet the sassiest member of my crew @khalsomsom . This little momma not only makes my favorite brand of yoga clothing, @ohsosom , she’s also got a super rad practice and an incredible work ethic. As a friend she’s extremely dependable and still can party like a rockstar! Woot Woot!! Love you Khalsom! 🎥 @denisekelleroffical

People are People and Some are Shady.

Unlike other areas of the health industry as yoga teachers, we as are selling happiness and harmony. An issue that I’ve been managing for 10+ years that many of my student teachers are now discovering, is that a lot of yoga teachers are very comfortable with stepping all over anyone that they see as a threat. The same people who may say “we grow by lifting others” are just as cutthroat as any other business person. That’s life. People are people and some are shady. I have had my good nature taken advantage of many times by fellow teachers. It is confusing and hurtful, but emotions aside, circumstantially life has a way of taking care of things. Call it karma if you like. And I still get to

My Secret Weapon

For about 5 years now, hypnosis has been my secret weapon. People often remark about how much I travel and never fall ill. I’ve never sustained an injury. My body bounces back because stress doesn’t make me feel stressed. I attribute a lot of my stability to hypnosis. Hypnosis aligns my intentions with my actions. For example: when I don’t have any time for myself I get anxiety. My intention is to be present but my actions become scattered. Being with people is my favorite thing in the world and I start to hate it. The idea of talking to others literally makes me want to vomit… but I have dinners, classes to teach and meetings- day in and day out AND it’s my job to elevate everyone else’

When “right” and “wrong” don’t matter.

​The transition to the US was incredibly painful for me so I haven’t been able to be the person I see myself as in my marriage. I am the happy go lucky, easy one. He is the thoughtful and fastidious planner. But because I wasn’t happy, I was negative and began to interpret his fastidiousness as critical. Where my happier self could just let things roll right off my back, I took John’s criticisms personally. But when I got angry we chose not to feed the beast. Instead we took a pause until we were clear enough to discuss our needs and our intensions. We only ever want to support each other and this feeling like we weren’t, had to be due to a miscommunication. Being in a new city, without


When learning advanced postures my teachers used to say, “try it again, but do it better this time.” And so I would. Usually I could do better, sometimes I couldn’t. Regardless I loved how they believed in me. #thepressureisgoodforyou

About that Non Attachment Thing...

About that non attachement thing... I have big dreams. Sure it would be easier if I could be content with less, but I can’t. Besides, challenges turn me on!

What Fuels Me

I am my best version of myself when I am teaching yoga. Years ago I made a commitment to love my students unconditionally and to trust in their path. This fierce, passionate love has been an incredible source of fulfilment. I do the things you aren’t supposed to do. I take my work home with me. I think about my students when I go to bed at night. In my daydreams, I invent and reinvent techniques in an effort to make postures more accessible for the ones who are asana hungry. I listen and support those who want to share their personal lives with me. Being there for them makes me happy. My student Spencer once asked, “you give us so much energy, doesn’t it ever drain you?” No. It fuels

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