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No Apologies: I Was Build for Intensity

Recently someone asked me: “You are quite Type A huh? I replied: “yes!” They responded: “so are you working on that?” I replied: “Nope, I like it.” There is often this idea that yogis should be simple; want simple things and lead a simple life. I have big dreams and crave excitement and adventure. I was born this way. Denying who I am, whom I believe I was born to be, would be an act of betrayal. I have a lot of energy. I like to work until exhaustion. I love to give every ounce of myself to my students, friends and family. And then I want to celebrate until I cannot dance any longer. This is how I like to live. I was built for intensity. As my friend @ginnboree said, “I’m not ready

The Employee

It’s worth noting that even companies with the worst ethos have some very sweet and innocent people working for them. The guy working behind the counter may simply be grateful to have the job and make enough money to support his family.

Music in Yoga

Colors grow brighter! People become more dynamic! EVERYTHING is more ALIVE! In class sometimes I use music to set the mood. “Let’s get clear, calm and focused.” Other times I use music to intensify the mood. “LET IT RIP! GO FOR IT! YOU GOT THIS!” Still other times I use music to soften the mood. “Let it go. Relax and receive.” I do the same as I walk around everyday. I love having my headphones on while cruising though life. Music make this world extra magical. #largerthanlife #Headphones: @Sennheiser

A Good Routine Without Yoga

I often get asked if my husband does yoga. Nope. He’s a busy businessman and when he exercises he wants more bang for his time so he does hiit for 20-30 minutes 4/5x a week. He also takes 20 minutes each day to meditate. He’s got a great routine. #swagger

Your Role

“Find a place in the universe and create a role for yourself.” - Mrs. Huxtable on Empire

Same Pose, Different Alignment Cues

Any alignment cue can be hurtful when given to the wrong student. I spent years studying with LAs best teachers many of whom were extremely adamant about alignment… and then the science evolved and the things that I was trained to do I had to unlearn... It happened so many times over the years. Science is always changing as we discover new information. Plus the full implication of the things that scientists learn will never be known. As a teacher I’ve created a “be an adult”- that is listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself, sort of approach to alignment. I use cues that makes sense in context of the peak pose but I also make sure to remind my students: “you have to respect your body’s

Teachers, Don't Be Too Knowledgable

It’s never the same question I’ve heard before. Every time it is a little different and I can always do a better job of supporting my student’s path of discovery. The best thing a teacher can be is receptive. Study. Be knowledgeable. Then set the things you think you know aside to watch and listen. Be present. There is a vulnerability that comes with the surrender of our knowledge to the present moment, go there! Live there with your students! Make Magic every time!!! 📷 https://www.sarafordphotography.com/home.html

Ana: My Helper and My Hero

Many of you have asked about my “Marysia” necklace. It was actually made by my helper in Singapore, Ana’s husband. Ana is one of my inspirations. Every thing she does is for others. I used to get a bit frustrated with her because she was so preoccupied with serving others that she seemed to neglect herself. Finally I asked her: “But Ana, what do you want?” I will never forget the passion with which she spoke: “I don’t care about myself! I want to be able to take care of my family! ” She took my breath away and shut me right up. Self-care is part of what I teach and it is important for many of us. But it is not important for everyone. We are all different and it is important to respec

A Foodie and Her Bloody Mary

Unless you follow my instastories you may not know that I love a good brunch! I love sitting with friends over a long lazy meal, hearing about their lives and also discussing the different flavours, layers and sensations that each thoughtfully prepared bite offers. Tasting is a game to see which nuances my palate picks up on. And then I wonder, how can I best describe my experience of this taste? It’s such a cool and fun way to connect! Plus who doesn’t like a little afternoon buzz on a Sunday? Sharing food and drinks with loved ones is simply the best! This past weekend my magical Sunday started off with this delicious Bloody Mary by @hedgerowbistros . It had the right amount of peppe

Don't Lose Yourself Pursing Approval

There is a formula to grow a brand on social media, and while I want to develop my business, I don’t want to lose myself in playing a role that makes me more “likeable.” In order to maintain my self-respect I cannot be just about “what works.” So every day I ask myself, what can I offer that is of some real value? In the real world, I have seen so many beautiful people put on a show to become more attractive for dating, socializing and even for the love of their family. The thing is, even if you can get more people to like you, you are only getting them to fall for a façade. You won’t be appreciated for who you are and your soul deserves to be seen! Some of the most impressive people I know

Coming Home with Love

I needed space. I needed to travel to gather inspiration and discover my own values. Now I come home with more love in my heart than ever before. #empowerment #love #evolution #travel #growth #yoga #yogini #strength #family 👚👖by @ohsosom

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