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Who Dictates The “Right Way” To Do A Pose?

There are a lot of experts. How did we choose who dictated the “right way” to do a pose? I suggest trying on different techniques and choosing for yourself. Yoga is not rocket science. I believe that with practice you can figure out what’s best for you. 300 Hr Advanced Teacher Training Melbourne 2018 “Find a clearer and more sophisticated expression of your unique voice as a yoga teacher in this advanced yoga teacher training. In three modules of 100 hours each, we will guide you through the body, instruction and develop your professional practices which will in turn increase your confidence and intuition. On completion, you will have a deep understanding of the key elements to teaching

I Assumed the Traditional Practices Worked...

I suspended my disbelief for years because I assumed that the well revered ancient practices were good for me. But as I got more honest with myself I realized that most of them weren’t working their magic on my system. Different strokes for different folks. From time to time I get asked about the styles of yogic breath. In addition to yoga breathing techniques I also studied different Taoist breathing patterns in graduate school. I got my education. But for me the most effective breath work is simple. As a point of focus while meditating I watch myself breathe without trying to fix, change or control it in anyway. I love how the breath is something that happens effortlessly and so I pra

The Rules Are Different Cuz I'm A Unicorn

It’s easier to break the cycle once you understand the pattern. Recently I have grown increasingly aware of the nuances of my dharma (Sanskrit for my inherent nature). Growing more aware of who I am has helped me see the habits I’ve acquired that aren’t aligned with my truth. I tend to allow the people closest to me change me to suit their comfort. I’m very adaptable. Making it work is one of my skills. And fortunately, for the most part, admirable people with good taste surround me. But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for me to allow them to pressure me into doing things their way. I’m a unicorn🦄 What works for them isn’t working for me. Being adaptable has served me well, and it wi

To Grow Is To Change

To grow is to change. In anxious moments it is natural to want to cling to what we know, but holding on is counter productive. When we grasp tightly, our world shrinks. It is only by surrendering and adjusting that we can move forward to enjoy what is waiting for us beyond the next horizon.

When Pride is Valued Above Sincerity

Pride is a characteristic that enables individuals to elevate their circumstances. For this reason I admire prideful individuals. But at the same time, often there is a darkness that comes with it. I’ve learned that many prideful individuals value their image above sincerity. There seems to be a fear that the admittance of any of their hurtful behavior will crumble their persona entirely and that they will lose the respect of others. “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, a

I Don't Know What Is Best For You

I spent this past week in Jordan, a country that is a safe haven to refugees throughout the Middle East. Here they accept everyone. When I told the local yogis my most famous quote: “In the pursuit of wisdom the notion of ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’ becomes insignificant” I see it resonate deeper than ever before. It takes my breath away. This area of the world has seen so much conflict. I was speaking with one of the teachers @sawsanalramahi @stellafitnessinjordan and we agreed that it would behoove us to let go of the need to tell our students what they “should do.” As teachers we said we share our knowledge and aim to expand our students AWARENESS of their bodies, minds and spirits. However, i

To Squeeze or Not Squeeze Your Butt

To squeeze or not to squeeze the butt in backbends? Everybody is different, ultimately it’s up to you. Yogi @hannayoga15 demos Art by @patriciakaegi For more free lessons check out my youtube channel: Marysia Do

Giving Adjustments

Giving an adjustment is a purposeful act. Adjustments are not self-indulgent. They are born of necessity. Envision the appropriate energetic shifts and make them happen. As we adjust we work together with our students in service to this amazing practice. We do not adjust to “do it right” or be liked. We adjust because we care about our students and their practice. 📷 @esthertaypictures Wardrobe @be_pureapparel

Hearing My Instincts Took Practice

If you are like me you were taught to trust your teachers, gurus, or “the experts.” The idea of valuing my own intuition first was never discussed. So I always thirsted for information about what I “should” do, eat, wear, say… But over time I became confused as I was exposed to more incongruous information from various “reliable” sources. So I began to practice closely observing how well the different pieces of advice I had acquired actually worked for me. Then I began to theorize and make up my own advice. Sometimes I let myself down. When I did I would talk to people I trusted about it. I’d use them as a sounding board to figure out how my signals got crossed. Then I would try again

Take the Trip. I'll Be Here for You!

The things you want will take you on a ride. It’s not my job to tell where you should want to go. It’s just my job to support you on your journey.

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