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The Waiting Room

Patience is a virtue like no other. I take such solace in knowing that all discomfort passes. In practicing patience I save energy by not fighting against the discomfort. I do my best to stay hopefully while I let it wash over me. Eventually things come together, or fall apart and the world keeps spinning in perfect harmony. I know many yogis out there have struggled with sick furry friends and I know my kitty Lotus has a lot of loving fans so I’m sharing this with you. I found out that Lotus is sick, really sick… She had cancer a few years ago so we removed her leg but it seems that the cancer has reappeared in her lungs. A few weeks ago she became quite lethargic but the vet said it

Not The Usual Experience

It is quite common for individuals to mistake their own experience for the usual experience. 10-15 years ago, when yoga teachers did this I thought I had some real issues. For example: “you are so busy rushing around that you don’t appreciate the life that is in front of you.” … That’s a big assumption and not a very nice thing to say. When I was 17 I put so much trust in my teachers so when I heard these things I got worried. I thought I was ungrateful or if I was in a rush I thought I was doing something wrong. But as I got older I realized that these teachers were projecting their issues onto me. To this day I get protective of students in class when teachers use the word “you” instea

Move Forward Gracefully

There is such power in taking a pause before reacting. Have a moment to process whatever it is that’s transpired and remember that everything is coming together perfectly (even if it doesn’t look like it right now.). Then move forward gracefully with all eyes and ears open. This way, when the mysterious opportunity finally reveals itself you can recognize it.

What is Known is Dead

What is known is dead. I thirst for innovation. Yoga is not about what we can do, it’s about how we connect while we do it. Whenever I walk into the yoga room I want to teach something I’ve never taught before. I want to see something in my student’s bodies’ in a new light; one that I’ve never before considered. Every body and every class is different and so, in addition to creating more presence, this way of working is more honest and respectful. I humbly surrender all my knowledge with each yogi I meet and together we grow. It is electric!!! Photo by @EstherTayPicture at @PureYogaOfficial

The Flu Shot

For the first time in over five years I got the flu shot and for the first time in over five years I got a cold so I posed the question on my Insta Story: is there a correlation? The response was massive! I learned about a lot of different perspectives on the subject. But the key in what I’m saying is that everything is a perspective. I had everyone from microbiologists to holistic healers sending me well-substantiated articles. The thing about all data is that the implications of the data are ALWAYS incomplete. Medical history has however proven that the “facts” are always changing. Many medical professionals seem the forget that in a lot of ways we really don’t know. Having the “com

Refining My Perception with Spontaneity

I think one of the main reasons people love watching sports is that anything can happen at any moment. The element of surprise makes it exciting! I like to use that kind of energy when I conduct my classes. I know the first play coming into class- but then I watch my students, see how they react to what I throw at them and I do my best to respond appropriately. In doing so I also get to grow more as a teacher. In staying present (by letting go of any specific agenda) I refine my perception, queuing and all around communication skills. For free lessons check out my YouTube channel: Marysia Do. There you will find all the tutorials organized by topic into playlists. 📷 @esthertaypictures

Letting Go with Love

Over time I’ve noticed that there are some people who no matter what I do or say always end up unhappy about something. I used to try and come up with ways that I could more effectively help them but now I realize that it’s just their journey- for whatever reason they just have to get upset. And so I’ve decided to become more detached. All I do is let them know that I love and support them. But I wont let them drag me though their misery. Again, that is their journey, not mine. . 📷 @stellafitnessinjordan 🌄 Petra

A Yoga Class is a Conversation

A yoga class is a conversation where both parties are communicating. While the teacher uses words, the students speak with their bodies. Far too often teachers respond to what they expect to see, or just press on with their agenda without noticing if their message has been received at all. Look at your students! Practice figuring out what they are saying to you with their bodies, faces and breath, and then respond. This same work can be reapplied to any conversation. Look at the people you are speaking to. Are they interested? Are they getting it? Respond to what you observe. Engage. Being present is so much more fulfilling. 🌌@pureyogaofficial

2017’s Bigger Lesson

2017’s bigger lesson for me is to relax and trust myself. Part of that means letting go of the need to indulge in societal fears. Work hard and succeed is what the world told me and so I’ve found hard work comforting. There was the season of my life where I believed I had to push, but in continuing to push I’ve noticed that I am just pushing things away. As I’ve learned to relax I’ve found myself becoming a magnet for all the great things that have been awaiting me. And so I’ve practiced slowing down, which was awkward for me. Still in slowing down I’ve learned to listen to my body over my intellect. And funnily enough in listening to my body and going with the flow I’m finding more eff

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