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Two Powerful Teaching Tips

Look at your students and commit to changing their world! Give of yourself entirely to their experience. Being an inspiring teacher is about sincerely connecting with your students. Often I hear about teachers getting lost in self-evaluative thoughts. While some self-consciousness is natural, it’s important to remember that class is not about how good of a job the teacher is doing, it’s about the students. Forget yourself in service to the beautiful people in your class and you will find a new level of fulfilment.

Either Way It's All Good

Sometimes you just have to say F-it! If things come together, Great! If they don’t, Great! Big picture #sincerityalwayswins

If You Don't Like The Alignment Cues...

Question: If you are taking a class and the teacher insists that everyone practice with alignment that you feel isn’t right for your body what do you do? Often I will try it their way in class just to see what it’s like. If after trying it I still do not see its value I’ll go home and ask a knowledgeable friend what their thoughts are (thanks @sbickle ) Then I’ll leave it at that. I prefer to only share my opinion when asked. Stephen says that if you don’t tell the teacher they are likely to go on and injure students who don’t know any better. In his experience, even if the teacher is resistant initially, he has still planted a seed. Though it may take some of the more dogmatic teacher

Happy Valentines My Love

After being married for four years I still get giddy by the fact that I get to call this man my husband. When I was younger I tried to dream up the perfect man, but John is better. He the funniest, wildest, classiest, most dependable and most loving man. Our life together has been a thrill ride and still with him by my side (even though I’m across the world teaching a lot of the time) I always feel safe and secure. Thank you John for loving Lotus and for loving me. Thank you for inspiring me to be better. Thank you for supporting me in our differences. Thank you for the freedom and honesty we have in our relationship. Thank you for growing with me, and thank you for celebrating this i

Lotus's Legacy

I just started studying Buddhism and in Buddhist symbolism a Lotus is revered as the beautiful flower that grows through muddy water. Reflecting back on my kitty’s life I see that her name was almost a prophecy. I got Lotus from an animal rescue centre in LA when I was 18. I chose her because she was cute and mellower than the kittens. They said she was two- but who knows? As soon as I brought her home she hid behind a bookshelf for about a month. I was so disappointed that I got such an antisocial cat… but she was mine and I loved her. Slowly she came out of her shell and about a year later I heard her first meow. Most people who knew her are quite surprised when I tell them that bec

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