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How to Let Go

Letting go is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes the hurt is too deep to simply drop it and move on. So how do we do just “let it go” when our mind can’t help but obsess over a certain issue? Personally I depend on meditation and then practice, practice, practice! Just like I exercise my core by asking certain muscles to engage over and over, I insist that my mind refocus on life’s beautiful miracles over and over and over! With either core work or mind work, when I find I lack the strength to keep going I take breaks. I let loose for a short while. Then back to it! Sometimes it’s useful to enlist friends to help me stay accountable. Supportive music also keeps me motivated.

The Art of Giving

In a world where more and more people have figured out how to monetise their passion, the art of giving seems to have gotten a little lost. I suppose I find it a bit hard to relate to because my whole business is based on sharing freely. In addition to what I share on social media I love staying after class to help students with questions. It’s hard not to add an extra 30min after each workshop because I love seeing my students grow! Making someone smile is awesome!! It fills me with a sense of purpose and joy so I’m not just doing it for them - I do it because selfishly, giving feels wonderful! I feel sad for people who have to be compensated for everything they do. I know we all have b

What Confidence Is & Isn't

Confidence isn’t: “I’m really great at this and I’m really great at that.” Confidence is: “This is where I am and I feel good about it.” In yoga we observe our mind, body and spirit. We see how our thoughts and the poses we do, affect our mood and sense of self. There is a tendency to see fallibility as something that is bad, or wrong. The hope is that with the practice of yoga we developed a level of comfortableness with our fallibility. We learn that we are human and completely entitled to have some negative thoughts, or physical weaknesses. In being okay with fallibility our defences drop and we can more clearly see and accept ourselves just as we are. Being too attached to a specifi

Taking It In

Those of you who’ve been in my class have experienced my excitement as I employ all kinds of different tools to help my students shine! I crawl on the floor, I raise my voice, I make weird sounds… I do bizarre things and to be honest often I don’t know I’m doing it while I’m doing it. Even though sometimes I’m sure I am behaving like a total freak, it’s fun to give of myself entirely! The problem with too much excitement is that it scatters my energy and that can make class a bit too manic. In between the rousing moments I need a little pause to absorb all that has transpired before pressing on. I think of these pauses as mini shavasanas; an extra breath to recalibrate. Once my energy

Thank You Pure Yoga

This note of thanks to the company that helped launch my teaching career is also effortless. Generally I avoid posting about brands because I am not here to sell products, but I am compelled to give credit where credit is due. I will always be grateful to @pureyogaofficial . When I started I was relatively knew to teaching and Pure took a chance on this smiley, handstand obsessed American. In doing so they gave me the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of extremely dedicated students every week. I cannot imagine a better format for an extended Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: 14 classes a week, each class with between 20 to 50 people and anywhere from 5-15 private lessons a week

Build An Authentic Following

Instagram provides a brilliant platform for yogis to grow their community. Through Social Media we have the opportunity to touch more lives from a distance than ever before and it is incredible! The caution I have for teachers looking to grow their brand on Social Media is not to lose yourself in an effort to be more likeable because no matter how many “likes” you gather it’s still not you that people are liking- it’s a well-crafted façade. And so no matter how successful you grow there will be a void. Yoga teachers oughtn’t play games with their students. I suggest when posting, first consider your message and then consider how you can best communicate that message. Build slowly and hon

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