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Associate with the Objective Mind

I like my students to think of these three levels of consciousness during yoga class: First there is the mind that is talking to the body parts and trying to tell them what to do. Second there is the mind that is evaluating our capabilities and thoughts. It says things like: “That person is doing this pose so I have to do it also- oh no wait but comparison is bad! This is yoga. I’m supposed to be content- but still I totally suck in this pose!” . Third there is the mind that is watching the whole thing play out without judgment. This mind can hear our analytical mind but does not have an opinion. It is objective, accepting and loving. I recommend my students practice associating most clos

Born This Way

Years ago I set aside my textbooks and teacher’s notes and instead decided to learn from my students. I did so because I realized that as valuable as that information was, my expectations were getting in the way of my perception. The ideas I had about how the postures were “supposed” to be done or explained were blocking my ability to discover more effective ways of connecting with the bodies in front of me and making the postures happen for them. I’ve been told that I am good at simplifying difficult concepts. For me, the heart of effective communication is the wiliness to surrender everything I know whenever I am with my students. Once I take in the information they provide without bia

Seeing "The Good" Isn't Always What's Best

The light loving yogi in me always wants to see the best in everyone and so in the past I chose to dismiss my gut feelings in favor of “seeing the good.” Doing so was living in denial. It left me vulnerable and I have been hurt. But the fact remains that deep down inside I knew better so in a way I betrayed myself. I am writing this to remind yogis that it’s okay not to be positive. Sometimes we are better off respectfully walking away because there are some people who have no interest in being beautiful on the inside. Those individuals are dangerous. I encourage all you yogis out there to practice paying attention to what your gut is telling you. We live in a world where we are constan

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