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There Is No "Perfect Pose"

As a teacher it is not my job to get anyone into the “perfect pose.” There is no such thing. Yoga was created a long ass time ago so everything we learn is here say. Striving for what was, is living in the past. Get present! Many of my India co-workers come from long lineages of yoga teachers and even they can’t even agree on how a pose “should” be performed. But they can agree that it really isn’t that important. The postures pose as goals. Our goals or our dreams emerge from deep within each of us. They are divine wishes. For example: some of us love handstand! We don't know how we got that passion, it’s more like it was given to us. In yoga we get to learn about who we are as peruse o

Live With The Confusion

There comes a point when the only way to find the answer is to stop looking for it. Live with the confusion and still maintain a lot of faith. But how do we keep the faith? How do we let go of the gnawing desire to know already? By getting present. Get present by staying curious about and INVESTED in what is happening right now. PLUG IN! Every time you find yourself ruminating about that which is out of your control- PLUG IN again! Be patient with your self because this can be a hard ask, but still continue to ask for your presence over and over again. Soon enough you will look up and by coincidence your answer will be right there, reaching her hand out to you. Then all you have to do is

Drop the Analysis and Listen

Observe and listen to each student as though they will present you with information that you’ve never heard before because they will. Everyone is unique and their uniqueness is worthy of respect. As a teacher it is imperative that we set aside whatever we think we know about the practice in an effort meet our students where they are. When we meet our students with an idea of how things are supposed to be, we end up only listening only to see where the information they provide aligns and misaligns with our expectations. When we drop our need to categorize and analyse we get invited to the inner workings of our students’ worlds that are organized by completely individualized standards. We a

80:20 Rule. Perfection is Overrated.

80:20 Rule is a great one in yoga and in life! It simply means don’t bother working to perfection because the exertion of working to make the final 20% perfect isn’t worth the stress. Good enough is good enough. Take the pressure off yourself. Trust in your best efforts but don’t overexert or worry yourself. Often overexertion can lead to cloudy thinking and also an expectation of great returns. It is wonderful to give of ourselves in a labor of love but not so much so that we feel entitled to the reciprocity of those extreme efforts. #nonattachment Your best work is probably done after you’ve given 80% anyway- the extra 20% will likely only make a difference to you. Take a break after you’

9 Steps to Cope with Adversity

I used to hate the discomfort of having a serious issue arise and not having an immediate solution. Uncertainty can be scary and frustrating. But what I’ve learned is that if I can exercise the self-control to just wait things out, the pieces fall together in a way that is far better than anything I could have constructed. The major challenge is not panicking while shit is hitting the fan. I’ve been working on this one for a while. It’s what we call being #nonreactive. When I am angry or scared and I take action or say things that are rooted in fear or resentment I only worsen the problem. I’ve humbly watched myself do it enough times throughout my life to know better… but how to do be

11 Step Meditation Practice

Meditation has given me the outlook I have always wanted. I get to live my life with a level of patience, gratitude and optimism that I never dreamed possible. Here is my practice: 1) Upon waking lay in bed for 10 min and meditate listening to #dailycalm. The focus is on passively watching the breath. Not controlled breathing, just watching the breath happen. It’s a great reminder that life force flows effortlessly though and all around me. I can chose to surrender to the flow. 2) Drink my organic green spectrum by #purium for a morning detox 💩. (If you are interested in trying it go to ishoppurium.com and use discount code marysiayoga to save $50) 3) Journal to help me process infor

Flow With It

A key benefit of meditation is slowing down the mind enough to hear the multiple layers of our thoughts. With this heightened awareness of how we process information we can then make subtle shifts that over time create a substantial difference. Learning how to passively observe my breath for my meditation practice has made me much more capable of letting go of control and trusting in the way things fall into place. I try my best. I relax and I trust. I patiently wait and things come together like magic. Life is like the breath: it just flows. It has taken me a long time to get to this place. I’m glad I did the work to get here. I’m happy to continue to do the work so that I can better

Some People Just Want To Be Right...

When a person’s pride is more important than love and connection they will be forever stuck. They’ll never evolve because their ego prevents them from processing any information that doesn’t match their idealized self-image. These people are blocked and often quite lonely. In order to connect and love we must be vulnerable. I used to think it was my responsibility to pull these folks out of their wormholes. I’d understand and love their beautifully damages souls and try and to help them connect. But now I know that they don’t really want to be better. They want to be right. Recognizing that has been a form of great liberation for me. Love isn’t picking sides; love is acceptance. If s

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