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Let Go of What You Think You Know

As teachers or friends or parents or children it’s important that we let go of what we think we know in an effort to meet people where they are. What I mean by that is instead of listening to hear where the information someone is providing us aligns or misaligns with how we think things are supposed to be, we just let go of our beliefs, SURRENDER and LISTEN. In doing so we will be invited into their perspective and their worldview. It’s only from that place that we can help them move forward in the direction of their choosing. We have to trust each other that we know what’s best for ourselves. And in giving someone that trust and in working from their perspective we can help them move for

What Is Known Is Dead

What is known is dead. Life, vibrancy is living in the unknown and creating the moment. One thing that I think holds a lot of both teachers and practitioners back from evolving is an adherence to a certain way of doing things. For instance a lot of teachers, when teaching handstand teach a specific methodology: first you do this, then you do this, then you do that. But every body that’s presented is different. I’m going to teach handstand differently to someone with tight shoulders verses someone with a flexible low back verses someone with tight hips verses someone with a strong core. All of these people have different talents that they are brining to the table and different weaknesses

Fear is a lie.

Fear is feeling created by an illusion. Fear is not going to change how things play out. I practice not believing in fear. Whatever happens, we can deal with it. Even if what happens is shitty, all we have to do is give it time. We can choose to be strong knowing that we have the means to transform any situation into something great. We can be there for those in need. I trust myself. I trust the universe. I don’t trust fear. It’s a lie. Love is truth.

Freedom to Change

What if we gave each other space to be different? And what if in that world where everybody has the space to be different they also give themselves the freedom to change and perhaps become a little bit more open to different ideas when they aren’t imposed upon them?

Nobody Has The Textbook Body

One of the most valuable lesson I learned when I moved to Singapore, after studying yoga is the West for over a decade, is that nobody has the textbook body and all the things that we think we know about how things are "supposed to be” done is only true for a very small portion of people. Watching my students who were 80+ do all the things that my teachers had told me would cause injury really caused me to take a step back and be a guest. As a guest it’s not my job to tell people how things are supposed to be, it’s my job to be respectful and to listen and to learn. And from that place where I was first listening before I was advising, I was able to help my students progress a lot more smoot

Yoga Gives Back

From time to time I feel a pang of guilt as I ask myself how I got to be so fortunate. Why was I born in a county and into a family that encouraged me to peruse my dreams? I don’t know. But I do appreciate the opportunity to help empower those who were born into more difficult circumstances. Many of the women and children in India, the country that birthed yoga, are living without hope. They deserve to know what it means to have someone believe in them. For this reason I chose to be an ambassador for Yoga Gives Back. In 2007, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus' revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back began supporting micro credit programs. By w

Space To Evolve

As a yoga teacher I am not of the opinion that it is my job to judge or control my students journey. Everybody wants something different and if a student come to me with a particular goal in mind, even if I’m not sure that it’s right for their body I’ll do my best to try and figure it out for their body. In trusting our students we are teaching them to trust themselves. And it doing so, in giving them permission to be themselves, more often than not we are also GIVING them the SPACE TO EVOLVE. And over time those goals transform. All of us are on our own journey and as teachers it is our responsibility to allow our students to be our roadmap. We’ll lead them, we’ll help them get there, but i

Intuition Over Expert Opinions

“One of the challenges of living in this world where we have instant access to so many expert opinions is that the value of our own innate intelligence and intuition can be diminished… just because certain habits or practices work for someone we admire doesn’t mean that they will work for us and so the practice is trusting ourselves. And even if we make a mistake trying again and again. Because if we have lost touch with that intuition it’s going to take time to become reacquainted with it.”

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