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Don't Same The Pain

On Instagram it’s my job to be positive and uplifting. But I also think it’s my responsibility to normalize painful situations. In the yoga community there is this idea conveyed that if you are a good yogi you will only attract good things and you will be happy all the time. And while I am mostly happy I have experienced some seriously dark shit. I know what it means to feel like the bottom just keeps getting pulled out from underneath you and you feel completely groundless; when every time someone tells you “well at least it can’t get any worse” you wake the next morning and find out that it does, and then it does again and again. I have been in some pretty unbelievable situations and t

Leggings For The Cure

Recently I partnered with @leggingsforthecure to help raise money for the @drsusanloveresearchfoundation for breast cancer. When I asked Chris about what inspired the project this was his response: “I wanted to have a purpose behind it... since I’m not a doctor or nurse lol, I figure helping spread awareness to research is another great way to help. As far as the Dr Susan Love Foundation, I reached out to several that had a good rating on the charity navigator, and we instantly connected. They were supportive of the idea and I was honored to have them allow me to partner with them.” Leggings for a cause is brilliant. The way I see it, if you are a yogi and you are going to invest in nice

Narcissism and Yoga

Narcissism is quite rampant in the yoga community however it is suppressed from the conscious minds of those with narcissistic tendencies because most assume it is beneath them. If we could begin to lift the massive stigma around narcissism, narcissists would be given the freedom to identify their deep-rooted insecurities more honestly and start to work though their issues. This type of work gives them and others with similarly stigmatized issues the opportunity to mature. Many yogis have goals that could be deemed as narcissistic or otherwise misguided, but to me, as a teacher, as long as the student’s true motivations are at the front of their conscious mind, I think it is alright. In my

The More Significant Lessons

I often hear about a great deal of frustration from students who have been practicing yoga for a few months and “still" can’t balance in handstand. It took me five years for learn how to balance in handstand in the middle of the room. Good news: it was about 10 years before handstand became trendy so I never felt like I should be able to balance because no one else I knew could do a handstand. Bad news: the sophisticated techniques that teachers can offer now weren’t available back then. Still the most important lessons were instilled in me. Frequently in class my teachers called out “No expectations, best results!” and “Come on Mishy (my nickname) You got this!” Even while my teachers w

Tick Tock Your Way

You do you, I’ll do me And we’ll meet where we meet In perfect harmony . ✌🏻❤️🙃

Trust The Hand You Are Dealt

“One form of trust that can make our lives flow so much smoother is trust in the hand that we are dealt. Often times it can be tempting to indulge in wishful thinking. Believing that if we had been born a certain way, or if certain things had or hadn’t happened to us, our lives would be easier. But if instead we just accepted what we are given and perhaps in some ways we have to work harder because of it, we can get more in sync with the path that we were born for. It’s only afterwards, (hindsight is 20/20) that we can understand that those things that maybe before we had seen as frustrating or detriments were actually our greatest gifts.”

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