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Moving to HotLanta

Big announcement! Come 2019 we will be moving to Atlanta! Yes Hotlanta here we come! My husband @shavasanadaily landed a major role as a CFO for Anthem and I couldn’t be prouder of this great opportunity he’s earned to help repair our healthcare system. What’s next for me? Well I’m still gunna be on the road for a lot of the year but I am also super excited to get to know the south and the southern yogis (and soul food and the fab 5) !!! If you have any yoga studio recommendations, cool people, bars, restaurants, neighborhoods anything for me please, let me know y’all!!

Space Between My Emotions and Myself

One of the most effective practices I’ve been cultivating to continue to live peacefully amongst the intensity of a quickly growing career is creating more space between my emotions and myself. I practice simply noticing different feelings as they arise without judgment. (Overwhelm, exhaustion, betrayal, excitement, confusion…) In order to maintain gratitude and perspective I take a pause when I notice potentially harmful feelings arise and I choose not become my emotions. Instead I just sit with them. I respectfully let them be and then watch them pass. The core of peaceful growth is increased stress management. The more opportunities are we given and the more people with whom we intera

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Some things just keep getting better!! Thank you for being the most inspiring, grounding, uplifting and loving human being ever! To a love that transcends time and space. 🥂 Happy 5 year anniversary baby! ❤️ @shavasanadaily

The Physical Practice is Empty

Learning how to deal with different types of stress without taking on the emotional burden of those challenges gives us more energy. It increases our capability to be there not just for ourselves but for others as well. #yogaoffthemat #life

Beer Is For Yogis Also

I’m not here to convince anyone of a right way to live or be. I just practice living according to a code that makes sense to me in this moment and I want to encourage others to do the same for themselves. I’m not a vegan, I like to drink alcohol and sometimes I swear. That’s me, for now, it may change, it may not. What authenticity looks like varies person and that is what makes this world so dynamic and awesome! From the hajabies to the chicks in hot pants I think it’s all wonderful! I love it when my students are free enough to do what they need to do to walk with their head held high, feeling comfortable in their skin. I am extremely honored and humbled to get to learn about so many

Shit Happens And You LIVE

It’s not that shit happens and then you die. Shit happens and then you live! I am meant to be in Australia right now, teaching my second of three events and I am not because I had the wrong visa and the Aussie visa police is intensely strict! In all my years teaching I have only ever missed one class. I am never late. A huge part of my identity is my ability to deliver, ALWAYS. Although my business partner, @yvettejune #DELIVEREDINSPADES at the TT last week while I was able to give lectures remotely though the amazing folks @vister I can’t teach these workshops remotely. This time I failed. I feel terrible for not being there for the yogis @purehotyogabayswater and @adelaideyogaflow .

Go Ahead And Fail

One major fear that came up a lot in the YTT last week was FAILURE. I say go ahead and fail! It’s not a big deal. Go teach a shitty class! It happens and you learn. Don’t waste energy worrying about it. In time you’ll care less about what others think and you will see that failure is not finite. It’s something that we have to accept as is part of the process. And if we wanna live big, free and happy lives it’s something we have to learn is also not that big a deal. I’ve embarrassed myself and failed so many times... SO many times! Life goes on. People forget. You get less awkward. And over time you get your swagger! Ultimately it’s not about your performance, it’s about you getting bette

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