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How To: "Let It Go!"

In yoga we often here the phrase “let it go”- but how?! By redirecting our energy over and over again into the present moment we simultaneously are choosing to “let go” of that which we can’t control.

Standing in My Strength

Sometimes I find myself compelled to put me down a little when people ask about my lifestyle because I feel like I need to lower myself to stay humble. But in becoming more aware of this tendency I am realizing that the practice is a bit toxic. I hindered my brilliance in an effort to stay comfortably small. Fact is I’ve created an awesome life for myself! -sure there is hardship but it’s totally worth it! In talking to other yogis, women much more so than men, I find this self-deprecating habit quite common. For many of us, especially as our accomplishments grow, our comfort zone is still in being that smaller person. Yeah, sometimes we go through periods where we are weak, but if we c

Hong Kong 2018

The Time of Your Life Make the impossible possible both on your mat and in your life! “While there are many yogis who are wise enough to know the path, there are few who have actually cultivated the ability to walk the path. You may ask: What path is that anyway? It’s the reason you were born. We came here as individuals, each for a unique purpose, and the ability to walk our unique path cannot be dictated by a power higher than our true selves. It all comes back to your capability to hear the subtle whisper of divine truth that emanates from deep within you! In this 5-day journey of asana, meditation and journaling, we will learn to drop our expectation of how things should be and wake up

Real Self Esteem

Self esteem comes from feeling good about who you are, not what you do.

How We Look

I can’t tell you the number of healthy students I have had cry to me about their body shape. Beautiful women and men who deserve to feel really good about themselves caught in a spiral of negativity. While I always have compassion for my students, the bottom line is that WHAT WE LOOK LIKE IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. It’s not worth the anxiety. The practice is mentally changing the subject when those superficial self loathing thoughts creep in. Just acknowledge them and then gently but firmly steer your mind in the direction of gratitude. Start simple: “I can walk”- amazing! “I can breathe”-amazing! “I get to go to yoga”-amazing!!! And if there is someone in your life who makes you feel badly ab

Life Changing Little Phrase

Adding the little phrase “until now” to self talk that no longer serves you can help you make the shift in perspective that your soul craves. #selfcare #selflove

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