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Transformation Through Awareness

Often times we can do things that take us further away from our goals, or moods will wash over us and we don’t know where they are coming from. The practice of awareness, of slowing down our mind, of meditation, isn’t so much about stopping thoughts, it’s instead hearing our thoughts; Noticing where our mind tends to go. If we can remove a layer of judgement and really see ourselves more wholly for who we are then we gain insight. And simply by gaining that insight, we don’t need to try to change, we plant a see through that acceptance for transformation in a way that is easy and effective.

Biggest Trap in Brand Building on Social Media

The biggest trap in building a personal brand using social media is the desire to be liked. You can start to see patterns in images or content that is more likeable and the temptation can be to continue to produce content that your audience will like. But if that content isn’t in line with your authentic self, I’ve seen many times before people lose themselves and begin to regard their authentic self as something that’s not loveable. If instead you practice slowing down and building your brand from a place of truth, you’ll create a sincerer connection with your audience and a more sustainable business for yourself and for your sanity and for your happiness long term.

I LOVE Dermalogica

I don’t really consider myself an “influencer” I am a yoga teacher and so I mostly share yoga, but today I am also a woman that loves having beautiful skin and loves companies that have beautiful ethos. My husband, whose skin is incredible got me started using @Dermalogica 6 years ago. Back then I had breakouts and dry skin with excessive oil. It was a riddle that the cosmetologists Dermalogica finally figured out. Since then they have only been making my skin more and more luminous with their always evolving products. And if you didn’t know today is INTERNATIONAL DAY of GIRL so for every Instagram posted in October with #DermalogicaIDG, @Dermalogica will donate $10 (up to 25,000) to @s

The Dehumanization is Shameful

“Hate in your heart will consume you too.” I tend to stay away from political statements because I am much better equipped to offer thoughts on yoga. But one thing I feel compelled to say is that the dehumanization exercised by both democrats and republicans in America is devastating and destructive. As important as it is to stand strong, it is also just as important to remain respectful, no matter how justifiable attacking may feel. I understand and also feel the outrage, disappointment and fear but those emotions do not work to enact change anymore. Friction only adds fuel to the fire. We have to become smarter than our baser instincts. Being “right” does not justify being disrespectful

Tap Into Your Innate Wisdom

For many of us who have practiced fulfilling other people’s or society’s desires for most of our lives, we’ve lost with our innate wisdom. And so we have to practice gaining it back.

Connecting To My Life's Purpose

Throughout every day I ask myself: “Why is my spirit calling this into my life?” I constantly return to this question because it helps me learn more about myself and my life’s purpose. I do believe everything happens for a reason and so I’ve learned to see and hear patterns in the kinds of things that happen to me and to others. Those patterns are my clues that help me gain insight. Although my small human mind can sometimes perceive the world as random and chaotic, my soul knows that it is not. I love discovering how everything is indeed coming together harmoniously. Though we are living though confusing times, my day to day study in the present moment brings me faith. I cannot solve th

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