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Stupid People

Stupid people make bad decisions and dig their own graves. Though dealing with them can be frustrating, I’ve learned not to take it personally. Some individuals are just destined to self-destruct. People only change when they want to change and life will show them the way far more effectively than I ever could. As a younger teacher and person, I thought it was my responsibility to help those who were struggling. But I’ve learned that some people would rather believe themselves to be “right” and feel isolated, than open up and see things how they really are. Ego over truth, destruction over creation; it’s dark and lonely but that is their choice. And so, I send love in their direction whil

The Best Worst Thing

Sometimes things don’t come together the way that we we would have liked. But if we are clever and remain patient, we can figure out how to make things workout even better than we could have planned. When I first moved to Singapore I was an acupuncturist but the Singaporean government didn’t accept my US license which was attained after 5 years of Traditional Chinese Medical school and passing 5 state and national board exams. I was disappointed but determined to figure it out. “I’m gunna figure this out” became my mantra. I did more research about the local universities and learned that even if I wanted to continue to study I couldn’t because courses were only offered in Mandarin. “Im gun

Journal For Clarity

Journaling provides an amazing space to privately ground our thoughts, vent when we are upset and explore our psyche. Writing brings clarity. A journal is also a place we can go to commentate our blessings.

Create Connection Not Complication.

Create connection not complication. If you have to lie about something you did, just don’t do it in the first place. If you can justify your lies to yourself you should be able to justify what you want to lie about to the person you are misleading. Be honest- sometimes it take a bit more effort but not a whole lot. Respecting others will cultivate greater self respect. “And the truth shall set you free.” 📸 @petra_pro_guide_

New Meditators

I recommend newer meditators simply sit with their thoughts for just a minute or five a day. By practicing associating more closely with the observer of our human experience rather than the thinking and feeling body we gain broader perspective. It’s a life changing shift that can begin small and make life so much less intense and so much more peaceful.

Quiet Time... So Necessary

Another big shift I found between my 20s and 30s is that I require more quiet time. I used to be worried about disappointing friends and family for saying no to social engagements. I can’t worry about disappointing people anymore because it comes at the expense of my wellbeing. In order for me to be the person that my friends and family love I have to be less available. Because I find flakiness very unattractive, I have to be more thoughtful with scheduling by say “no, thank you” in advance. Of course, if someone is in need I will be there for them in any way I can, as fast as I can… but other then that- less is more. Seeing the look of disappointment on people’s faces hurts, but not ne


The biggest difference between my 20s and 30s is the amount of attention I have to give to self-care. Last year, at 32 I started to feel pretty crappy. In order to get back to my optimistic, motivated self I needed to cultivate healthier eating habits. I’d just devour food but even when I was full I often felt like I still needed to eat more. Then about six months ago, one of my students introduced me to #Purium. Quickly I sensed a difference. Upon drinking the Power Shake I felt like the cells in my body were smiling. But I didn’t want to post about it because I am not comfortable putting anything out to you all unless I am certain that I %100 LOVE LOVE LOVE a product. I value your t

Deserve Better

Your selfworth determines your life. You are living the life you feel worthy of. If you want better you have to do the work to feel you deserve better. For me that process includes studying my mind. I also observe the purity of my actions, the sincerity of my words, the quality of my work and the energy of the people around me. The more love I give and the more I practice self love the better I feel about myself and the more amazing my stratosphere becomes. I’m cannot save the world but I can elevate those who enter mine.

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