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Self-Consciousness When Teaching

Take the attention off of yourself and plug into your students! Every second is a second chance! Commit to changing their world over and over and over again!

Muslim Yogis

Before I made my videos with @siulim I spoke with someone who was trying to act as my manager. This person advised against it. “Keep religion off your channel, they (Muslims) aren’t supposed to be photographed or do yoga” I was told. I considered this advice for a moment and then dismissed it. Many Hijabis practice yoga with me. There are numerous misconceptions about Muslims these days that have been popularized by the American media and because I have had the good fortune of befriending Muslims and teaching Muslim yogis I thought it would be cool to show us doing yoga together. People are people. And some people wear hijabs. Contrary to popular belief, just because a woman covers her h

Helpful vs Hurtful Self Doubt

There is helpful doubt and hurtful doubt. It’s good to question our action and words and consider better ways of handling ourselves. It’s not so good to make a habit of questioning our worth. You are worthy! You are absolutely worthy. You just have to figure out how to take the necessary steps to live in your greatness.


Please join me in the #whyhidegowide campaign and stand against sexual harassment. Here is the backstory: My student @elvinac approached me about someone who was cyber bullying/sexually harassing her staff on her yoga studio’s website. An example of this harassment is illustrated when you swipe right. Pictured is a photo of a yoga girl in long pants doing a badass hanumanasana and this idiot felt entitled to make comments like: “I’m more disgusted by this lady opening her legs to expose her female kitty. It’s so unhygienic…” “please get your model to close her legs..” I advised Elvina that most the time these individuals are just looking for attention and so it is best to ignore them. Bu

Alignment Cues

Any alignment cue can be hurtful when given to the wrong student. I spent years studying with LAs best teachers many of whom were extremely adamant about alignment… and then the science evolved and the things that I was trained to do I had to unlearn... It happened so many times over the years. Science is always changing as we discover new information. Plus the full implication of the things that scientists learn will never be known. As a teacher I’ve created a “be an adult”- that is listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself, sort of approach to alignment. I use cues that makes sense in context of the peak pose but I also make sure to remind my students: “you have to respect your body’s

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