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Yes! "Fake it 'till you make it!"

I do tell my students “fake it ‘till you make it.” When one of my very capable students doesn’t believe in their ability to do a pose or believe in themselves in any way when I can see they are perfectly capable, I encourage them to wear the attitude of success. “Pretend you’ve done this before” and “with swagger, do it again” are another couple statements I tell my students. “Fake it ‘till you make it” is not about being insincere. The sentiment is very sincere, it’s just a way of overcoming mental blocks that tell us we aren’t good enough. You don’t have to be in total control! You don’t need to know it all! It’s good to have some space for the X factor! Live with the questions and power

Move Forward on Your Path

God won’t give you more than you can handle but he/she’ll keep dishing it out until you learn your lesson! I love practicing accountability for everything in my life. Although it could be tempting to blame others, I know that until I accept my lesson fate is destined to repeat itself. Thankfully I practice listening to life as it shows me how to evolve into my next best version of self. I’ve gotten savvier and sharper as well as more patient and generous. I feel more confident and free because I know that my truth is enough. I don’t have to compensate or try so hard. Sometimes I just have to be willing to shine a light on my darkness. And with that simple act, my light shines brighter!


My husband got me into Dermalogica for over 6 years ago. Have you seen @shavasanadaily ’s skin? He’s been using their stuff for over 20 yrs and his skin is positively luminous! I used to get breakouts and applying creams to clear my skin just didn’t work. It was frustrating because I sought out different experts and none of these experts were able to help me until my husband turned me on to @dermalogica . There the estheticians were finally able to effectively treat my dry skin which was over producing oil and causing me to break out. Since, I have been using Dermalogica daily and each year the product lines get more and more comprehensive. Going from my 20s to 30s I’ve incorporated th

Workshop vs Retreat

For me the main difference between a workshop and a retreat is that during a workshop I am only responsible for the students’ experience while they are in my classroom. I take my job of elevating my students spirits very seriously and always give 1000%. I held back on doing a retreat for so long because if I was going to do it I wanted to be sure that I delivered just about the most magical week, all day everyday. Yogis, friends, awesome people all over the world I can very confidently say that I got it figured out: this retreat is going to be the time of your life! May 14-19 @casacolonialhotel a five star resort On the beach in the Dominican Republic Package includes: Daily meditation and

Yoga in Jordan

Meet my boss in Jordan @stellafitnessjo . As you watch please be quiet and listen carefully to her valuable and beautiful perspective on yoga and life. She is magic. It’s published here in two sections to fit the IG format so be sure to swipe right. I began this project, I’m calling The Global Yoga Project, to share with you the incredible souls that I have had the pleasure to work with, know and love for many years. We humans, are all the same in some ways and we are also different. Both our similarities and differences are dazzling! I hope you feel the love. @stellamentor for more check out The Global Yoga Project on my YouTube Channel: Marysia Do. Kinda separate note: I am also thrill


This is your ideal break from it all, where you will get to live in a blissful state so that you can return to your life with better perspective, a clearer head and a more joyful disposition. Join me for 6 days of Yoga, Celebration, Meditation and Restoration. Located on a hidden gem of a beach in the Dominican Republic, Casa Colonial is the place to retreat from it all. This boutique hotel is luxurious and GORGEOUS. During your time here, you will have the opportunity to live in healthy harmony of hustle and flow; going from energetic and exiting yoga classes to meditation and chill time on the beach. When we are in a good mood, troubles are no longer troublesome. So please come join

It's Always As Simple As:

It is always as simple as: Just Do The Right Thing! And when you don’t know what the “right thing” is, just try! Try so hard! And if you make a mistake, if things don’t work out, reflect on it. Get a journal. Chat with trusted friends. Don’t defend your perspective, explore your options. Then make new choices if that seems more appropriate, or don’t if not. Do what you need to do to stay hopeful and patient and light hearted. Come back to the present moment. Breathe. Enjoy your breath and as many things as you can in the present moment so you diminish you worries and just let the things that are out of your control work themselves out. They will. Be cool. Be happy. Trust. Lots of

Non-Memorized Sequencing

I’ve never taught a memorized sequence. I find that adhering to an agenda limits my ability to be present with my students’ needs. I plan and build my classes around peak postures, transitions or concepts. Example: #Handstand To make handstand accessible and safe I may start class off with exercises to enhance my students’ awareness of the energetics of their hands and forearms so they know how to better support their wrists and find balance. Then I could graduate to a flow, placed here to ease up that concentrated energy. In that flow I’d drop in shoulder openers, hamstring stretches and core #engagement so that the body gets awakened in ways that are connected to the Handstand. Next,

Live Bigger

Practicing non judgment will open you up to a world bigger and brighter than your mind could possibly dream up. Be smart while you stay open and then just surrender life’s miracles!

“Do You Believe In Evil?”

“Do you believe in evil?” I asked earlier this week on my IG stories. The answers were quite interesting. Swipe right to check them out. Personally, I never used to believe in evil, but a lot of things have come to surface in the past year that make me question the faith I had in the innate goodness of all people. Also, history has shown us how hell bend on destruction some individuals and groups are. The question I have is are these people just evil or are they victims of circumstance? The conclusions I’ve drawn at this point are two-fold. 1: It doesn’t really matter. Regardless, I choose to continue to be influenced by love. Others influences are beyond my control. My reaction cont

A Great Supplement

For a yoga teacher I have to admit that I don’t always take the best care of myself. I eat glutten, dairy, meat and I drink alcohol. I travel for up to 3 months straight and I am in a different city every week. I take red eye flights so that I don’t have to miss a day in action. Still it’s my job to always be fresh, present and hopeful. How do I do it? Yoga, journaling and mediation are a big part of it but honestly, Purium’s products have made a massive difference in my ability to stay healthy and strong! As I have been building my business I’ve found it difficult to say no to work opportunities. My travel schedule has become a lot more intense and I don’t have time to get sick. Cla

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t believe everything you think. I’ve seen so many intelligent people stand firm in their opinions only to change them years later and then judge others for having those same views they previously held. While having opinions is how we organize info it also divides us. One talent that I am quite proud of is my ability to set aside what I think I know in an effort to enter another person’s perspective. My faith in others and curiosity about what it means to live from their perspective is what enables me to get different bodies into the shapes they want to learn in yoga and it enables me to befriend people whose lifestyles have little in common with my own. It also enables me to love beyo

Life Better Than Expected

Make your wishes! They may not come together like you expected. But if you are patient, you may find they come together better than you had hoped. Happy New Year!

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