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Yoga Teachers, We Can Do Better!

2 gripes I have with some yoga teachers 1) Teachers that expect students to practice and teach their own methodology. 2) Using branding that, effective or not, is inauthentic. I’ll start with number two because this is a social media post. The trap of wanting to be popular and feeling the pressure to compete can suck the soul out of any yoga teacher. Selling out workshops and trainings is not directly correlated with having lots of followers; it’s actually about creating a loyal community of people who are invested. Quality over quantity. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to educate my trainees on how to create content and build community in ways that you can be proud of on every le

Yoga in Lebanon

Meet my boss in Lebanon @cleansebeirut . Lebanon is a gorgeous country that has seen the best and worst in humanity. Please hear Mayssa’s wise words. Scroll right to see the first half of the video and more of her beautiful country. To meet more members of my international yoga community and hear the brilliant things they have to say about yoga and life check The Global Yoga Project playlist on my YouTube channel. I don’t know much about film making but I felt that I needed to share these are perspectives which have enriched my life so very much.


I’m so excited to be coming back to Zurich Feb 23 and 24! The local yogis are so smart, fun and hardworking and I just love this city! I love the mix of industrial buildings with the old town on the river. I love sitting by the lake and watching the swans. I love the integration of man made and natural beauty. I love how creative, open-minded and forward thinking the people are and I LOVE how well organized everything is. Zurich just rubs me the right way! They have quality international food, lots of healthy options and beautiful cafes. The musicians are from all over the world and they play in adorable and packed little dive bars where you don't even need to buy a drink in order to

Something Broke Inside of Me

A few months ago my husband told me it was time to announce that we were moving to Atlanta. I quit my jobs at the local studios in Denver, we had our going away party and then I took off for a nine-week teaching tour. When I returned my husband informed me that he would rather stay in Denver and just commute to whichever state he needed to be in because it varied… okay… I was mentally prepared to experience a new culture in ATL but Denver is a fantastic, I have some friends here and all my stuff is here, so OK! It’s funny, 7 years ago when @shavasanadaily told me we might move to Singapore I was SO ANXIOUS to know if he got the job or not. I needed to know where I was going to be living!

So Fucking Good

Those moments when you re-realize that life is so fucking good! 📸 @saraford

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