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Dealing with Profound Sadness

I was sad on Tuesday. Really sad. So I gave myself some time to cry and be totally useless. I share this because Instagram, especially in the yoga community, is filled with images that make you feel like there is something wrong with you if you feel anything other than perfect all the time. Often when I feel sad I redirect my focus on my blessings, get busy and muscle myself into feeling better. But on Tuesday I just couldn’t. My feelings were stronger than my thoughts and so I surrendered. My body wanted to express something that I couldn’t rationalize away and I had to respect its needs. What we resist exercises persistent pressure on our unconscious that is toxic. It is the reason w

Best Way to Feel Self Love

The best way to experience self love is to be a good human whom you feel really proud of. Even if you see yourself as flawed, you can be proud of your purity, good intentions and efforts to grow and be better. This is the seed of the most stable form of self confidence. Share with me, what do you love about yourself beyond the external?


I reached 100k followers yesterday! Honestly, I started a little late in the game and I had no idea what I was doing at first, but my IG page has now come to be one of my greatest modalities of self-expression and I am so grateful for all of you who are on this journey with me. Thank you! I will continue to do my very best to evolve and make my offerings as thoughtful and relevant as possible. I want to share with you a quote from my upcoming speech at @glowfestivalsg : “I see Instagram as my channel to put what I would like out into the world. If any of you have a small business but struggle with social media because you are uncomfortable with self-promotion, I encourage you to change th

A Different YTT

J oin our Militia of Light Workers! We are not just teaching you how to teach our techniques, that is what makes The Empowered Yogis’s 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training different from any other YTT. Of course we will share all our most sophisticated and effective teaching methodologies with you, but more importantly we will create an environment where your unique style and voice emerges. Together and through lots of fun poses we will gain clarity on the following: Why were you called to teach? What do you have to say to the world? How are you going to deliver the message? My partner @christinagagnier_embodiednomad and I will give you everything we can to support your journey. In addition

The Experts Don't Know Your Life

Recently I have been trying to elevate my decision making. I want to be able to decipher between what feels good and what is my true instinct? Sometimes I want something to be true so badly that I believe it. Then I get myself into a bit of trouble. What I’ve observed is that there is a speedy feeling that accompanies the things I wish to be true. I’m always super organized and prompt but this hurried feeling is nervous, a bit manic and also has an immature kind of high quality to it. But I don’t think the signs are the same for everyone. When I surveyed people on my instastories one person wrote: “When I can reflect lots, consider other views and still come back to it. Then it is tru

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