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Frustration vs Handstand

The main similarity in yogis who want to learn handstand but give up is that they get frustrated. Getting frustrated is tiring and it makes showing up to the mat again and again hard because you emotionally exhaust yourself. While learning to make peace with the process can be challenging it is an excellent life skill. If you can learn to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm growth becomes so much easier. If you practice not to taking your failures so hard you will save SOOO much energy. I fell daily for around 5 years before I became consistent in handstand. While I’ve spent my entire adult life doing my best to create new techniques to expedited the process for my studen

300 Hr YTT Motivation

The known is a prison of the past. Tap into new potential and faster growth! In this Innovative 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to take in a myriad of rich information from influences all over the world about anatomy, movement and spirituality and apply it to what you already believe to be true. This training is not about you teaching according to previously created standard because standards limit possibility. As wonderful as our teachers may be you were born in your own body with a unique life story and individual, inborn talents and passions. Now is the time to wake up to your magic and learn how to bring all that you are to your students. Help them access the

My Mission

My mission in this life is to empower people to listen to their instincts (their body’s innate intelligence), respect others choices and live with greater joy and harmony! Thank you Singapore for pushing me to dig deeper and be better! I love you.

Journaling: My New Handstand

When I began teaching handstands people thought I was silly. My boss questioned: “Why are you so obsessed with handstands?” The answer is simple, they are freeing and powerful! Despite some discouraging words I never doubted my passion. Fast forward a decade and the bulk of the yoga community has drunk the tasty, tasty Handstand Kool-Aid. Handstand’s are awesome and we can’t get enough! Another daily practice I began in my late teens is journaling. Though out life’s crazy twists and turns my journal and handstands have always been there for me. Introducing journaling to my yoga community is interesting and exciting. I can’t help but compare it to when I introduced handstands. People seem

Be a Badass

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are a total badass. It’s gotta come from within. External validation won’t hold you up like internal strength will. Quietly and powerfully affirm your own greatness. See the goodness you bring to those around you. Feel pride in your best efforts. Trust in your ability to make it work. Love your path with all its trials and tribulations. You are on your hero’s journey. Step into your power! Click the link in my bio for my upcoming events- I exist to help you better connect with your own inner badass!

Your Dharma is Your Brand

Many yoga teachers struggle with social media because they are uncomfortable with self-promotion. This workshop offers a shift in perspective; Your channel is your opportunity to say to the world whatever you want the world to hear. So the real question isn’t how do I sell myself? It’s: what do I have to say to the world? In this 90 minute class you will gain clarity on your mission as a teacher and learn how to produce engaging content that originates from a creative space of self expression. Through Social Media we have the opportunity to touch more lives from a distance than ever before and it is incredible! So why not grow your tribe? The caution I have for teachers looking to build t

Innovative Yoga Teaching

I put away my text books about 7 years ago. When I’m on the road teaching I don’t just pop into new locations for a weekend, say what I have to say and move on. Instead I observe, listen and learn from the different students and teachers that I get to meet in my classes. I collect data! All over the world yogis have differing views on postural mechanics and spiritual teachings and I feel it is my responsibility to learn from them rather than propagate what I’ve been taught. I ask questions and with my students help, I create new postures and transitions to accommodate needs and desires. I am invited back to the same communities over and over again and over time I’ve had the opportunity

Berkeley Yoga Festival

I approached Alyssa, the owner @ohanayogabarre about hosting a class for @yogagivesback on June 21 to help raise money to support women and children in India on International Yoga Day. She responded with: ‘Let’s have a yoga festival to rally the community together and raise even more money!’ Um F-Yeah!! Just like that the Berkeley Yoga Festival was born. Alyssa is a badass. Full stop. Everything she does comes from the depts of her loving and brave heart. I feel honored to be teaching the headline class: High Flying Flow at 5pm. Following this we have a fun, interactive mini-event benefitting Yoga Gives Back called "Helping Handstands" where we will encourage all festival attendees to ge

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