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Asia Yoga Conference

Upon arrival I was gathered with the other teachers and told “You are healers from all over the world. The Hong Kong Convention Center, where you will be teaching, is located in the center of the protests. Please heal us, we are sick.” The @asiayogaconference is not your typical yoga festival any year, but especially not this year. Unlike playful festivals, AYC is where the most vigilant yogis of Asia (who I believe are the most hard-working yogis in the world) come to learn. Additionally, since half the attendees are from China the organizers of the event are less concerned about their staff’s online presence. In a world where the potency of yoga is diluted this was the place for serious pr

It Will or It Wont

It will either work out or it won’t. Just keep doing your best And let go of the rest. ☺️ These past couple years have been full of things not working out the way I expected them to. Circumstances went awry and I made mistakes... and you know what? It’s totally fine. In fact things are absolutely miraculously awesome!! Letting go of control and trusting in the unknown is powerful. Just remember you reap what you sow so sow nothing but goodness and greatness. .

New Teaching Potential

The known is a prison of the past. Tap into new potential and faster growth! In this Innovative 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to take in a myriad of rich information from influences all over the world about anatomy, movement and spirituality and apply it to what you already believe to be true. This training is not about you teaching according to previously created standard because standards limit possibility. As wonderful as our teachers may be you were born in your own body, with a unique life story and individual, inborn talents and passions. Now is the time to wake up to your magic and learn how to bring all that you are to your students. Help them access th

A Powerful Person

What makes someone powerful? A powerful person’s actions, words and thoughts are weighted with purpose. Everything that they do is filled with intention. What makes that powerful person even more powerful? When their purpose is love.

Men Still Dominate Yoga

Although the consumers are mostly female, men dominate in yoga. Men make more money and the male perspective on yoga reigns supreme. Even the leading females validate their teachings by deferring to their male teachers whose perspective they propagate. While many traditional practices are valuable they also make the students lesser and the teacher greater. That thinking is outdated. Yogis support teachers who propagate the belief that your birth in your unique body isn’t evidence enough to demonstrate that you have something uniquely powerful inside of you. They want you to believe that you were born to adhere to a standard set by a man. The community, which is mostly female, supports

Being More Bold

I got a Tarot card reading while I was in #HongKong. While I don’t agree with everything she told me, she did say one thing that I have been feeling for a while. She told me that although I am quite confident I need to be more myself, more bold, in order to take my life to the next level. People who know me are likely to be surprised to hear this because I am pretty ballsy but she is right. I am a bit of a yes person. If someone wants me to do something I will do whatever I can to try and make it work. Now I’m learning to recognize when the generosity is only going in one direction. I am learning how valuable I am and how easy it is for some people to take me for granted. I don’t do anyt

Be Bold, Get Hurt, Move On

I tell my students to “Be Bold” a lot! I like supporting people in putting all of themselves out there for the world to behold. Sure sometimes when you put yourself out there you get hurt. But that’s how we learn! While it’s important to be in tune with ourselves and respect our limits we also don’t have to be afraid of pain. Sometimes life hurts, but it gets easier. And the more fully you put yourself out there the more the world gets to enjoy the magnificence of your presence and the more vibrant and alive you become! Outfit @corenationactive

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