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"Fire. In yoga, Fire is transformative. It also heals.
It is a 'havan' that welcomes new life into the world. It is around the fire that one takes a vow to be with the other through lifetimes. It is again through fire that one turns to ash at the end of life. It also signifies rebirth. Inner fire, or tapas in yoga, burns away old patterns of thought (samskara) to bring about a new history; a new awakening. Marysia is this in my life.
I met her in 2014 and while you only need to google her to know her physical capabilities, to me she is just something else. Emotionally and physically, I was just not ready for her. And she knew that. It wasnt until 2016, that I reached out to her during a tumultous time in my life. It actually had nothing to do with yoga. She always met me with kindness. This is a profoundly intelligent woman, who knows exactly how to deal with a myriad of situations. Marysia is someone who became my friend before she became my teacher.

Early this year, I again reached out to her after being frustrated with 'not being strong enough' Ive so often being called. 
Once again, Marysia met me with kindness. Compassion. And tough love. She expected me to work. Hard. Harder than ever. I wanted to be better for her. She met all my weaknesses exactly where it mattered and turned them into strenghts. Im not one to gush but she makes it easy. As a long time practitioner and teacher, Ive had the opportunity to come across alot of teachers but I can honestly say, no one inspires me, or has changed my practice as much as Marysia. As a teacher, she strives for her student to be completely independant of her. To find their own strength and path.

Thank you so much. For answering texts at 3am, for always being there and I know we will always be in touch."

Aditi Subbiah - Singaporean Yoga Teacher

"You are one of the most inspirational people I've ever met and not many ppl inspire me. Your kindness, beauty and passion for everyone and everything is truly genuine. What a privilege it has been to be able to share with you and practice. Because of you I have become an even better teacher than before. I thank you Maryisa do for making me what I am today."

Master Flame Young - British Yoga Teacher


"Having you as my formative teacher, I found the freedom to find myself on the mat. Bold, unbashed, no apologies given. No prisoners taken. I was free to embrace the wild force of nature within but also saw how it can be tempered with calm and compassion to serve a greater purpose.

I know you have shown me the path. Just wished that the good times would never end."

Belinda Tang - Singaporean Student


"I have a special pet project to introduce yoga to detainees and your videos are so useful for me during my lessons with them."

-Julianah Jamal, Soldier


"For the moment I felt like someone finally understood me and granted some empathy and encouragement. Your words of kindness spoke to my heart and warmed me up."

Stephanie Ruth To - Singaporean Student