The circumstances in which we live are constantly in flux but our ability to adjust and move though those shifts smoothly lies in the stability of our mind.  Meditation is not about achieving total cessation of thought; it is about enhancing our awareness. 

     We are constantly over stimulated and consequently our judgment is not as sharp as it could be.  Marysia’s work will help you become more aware of your thought patterns and consider their effectiveness.  Sometimes we live with certain beliefs about the world and ourselves that do not serve us.  With Marysia’s guidance you will gain clarity about your circumstances and habits.  

     Marysia uses her background in Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Yoga to further patients’ progress in the direction of their choosing.  Marysia sees herself simply as a guide who can help you create more peaceful though patterns and more effectual approaches to various stimuli.   Meditation awards perspective and with the right perspective any circumstance can become advantageous.