Respect is transcendent.

Practicing hate for the “greater good”

Doesn’t work.

Bitterness and resentment live strongly

When one party dominates another.

Dormant scars turn into wars eventually.

While I am so moved by the number

of Americans who are being called to action.

I am saddened that hatred seems to have

Become socially acceptable on all fronts.

Those of you back home partaking

In peaceful resistance,

From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

I am also hurt seeing posters preaching love

Paired with hateful and aggressive messages.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

I don’t like what’s happening.

When I think about it

I also grow charged and emotional.

But respect is one of my core values.

And so I sit on my feelings because everyone

deserves to be treated with respect.

Violence begets violence.

Knee jerk reactions are emotionally charged

And not useful for the achievement

of long-term goals: Peace and Harmony.

We are at a spiritual crossroads.

Are you passing the spiritual test?

Are you practicing tolerance?

Are you indeed being the change that

You wish to see in the world?

Humiliating and hating the opposition

into submission doesn’t last for long.

We have to learn to talk to

Not at each other.

“Right” and “Wrong” relate to perception.

If you want another to see your vision of the world

you first have to show them the courtesy

of seeing theirs.

We have to listen and respect one another,

Even more so, when politicians aren’t.

If you see yourself as a lover of humanity.

Then please love. Give tough love if necessary.

But please remain respectful.


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