The Moment Right In Front of Me

I look at the amazing people with whom I get to share this confusing chapter in history and I am so grateful. These days I find my mind worrying about the world: Climate change, racism, sexism… My worries are reasonable. with friends and family I discuss, speculate and learn. I am honored and

inspired by the diverse, sometimes disturbing, and always fascinating

Opinions of those around me.

Yes the world is a big confusing mess,

but it’s still a beautiful place

full of possibilities and loving people.

Thank you to my three brothers,

my three sisters-in-law and

my seven nieces and nephews.

Thank you mom and dad.

Thank you friends near and far.

Thank you virtual and real students.

Most of all, thank you husband!

Exploring, laughing and learning

with you as we navigate though life

is mind-blowingly awesome!

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