Stay Humble; The "Truth" is Relative

I have opinions, some are strong

But I also know that my opinions

May not be true.

When I first came to Singapore I had been trained

With very specific rules about alignment

And building my career on the whole.

But as I taught, I began to see than while

Many of the rules were applicable

Other rules could be safely molded

To fit the students’ needs.

And so I began to explore.

I let go of what I thought I knew

To discover more!

I began to integrate the information

I learned in TCM school

With gymnastics techniques,

Motivational tactics and

spiritual teachings.

I used social media

To grow my student base.

But most importantly I became present

With my students.

Instead of concerning myself

With teaching the “correct” way I began to diagnose and interact with the unique bodies in front of me.

My teachers were amazing. But the way I transmit information is different. And that is good! I want my students to discover their own voice both on and off the mat! One of my bigger dreams as a teacher

Is that my students see all leaders, their teachers, bosses, parents, whoever as a people with good intentions, and strong convictions, but not as wise beyond doubt. I want my students to see great leaders as their peers just as I hope they treat their students as their peers. Believe in yourself and in your people! Mistakes will be made.

We are entitled to our mistakes.

Give yourself a break but stay


Keep searching for that inner compass,

And don’t give up!

Politicians, religious leaders and celebs

Are just people like you and me.

Please consider things for yourself

And respect others doing the same.

The heard mentality

That the majority practices sucks.

As important as it is to

Respect each other,

It also as important

To think for ourselves.

Let’s live and let live

And may there be Peace on Earth!

Thank you Singapore for all that you have given me

These past few years have been unreal!

Next stop July 2017-Denver Colorado!

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