In Between

Often on IG yoga I see before and after shots

2015-kinda shitty: 2017-super elegant

What happened to in between?

Let me show you!

I started filming @elvinac in class because

Her fails were so heavy and her spirit so light.

(Far too often I see the opposite.)

Elvina doesn't give a Fuck!

She was never discouraged.

After every epic fall she was still an eager little puppy

Wagging her tail, excited to try again.

And why not?!

While achieving a pose is fun, falling is fun too!

Good stuff happens in between shitty and elegant.

In life we set up goals,

Our goals take u

s on a journey

It’s up to us if we practice enjoying the journey.

The poses don’t really matter.

Being a strong yogi is having a strong spirit.

As Elvina writes:

“Here's to imperfection,

Being an in between

And embracing the process every step of the way.

Here's to being real.”

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