How I Stay Energised

People ask me all the time: "How do you stay so energised when you fly around every week, teach everyday for weeks on end and party?" It's true, I'm always in the fun zone. I never get sick I show up for my social obligations and I'm always there for my students. Answer: a lot of planning, a simple mind and unwavering faith. I always know everything is coming together perfectly. I hold the belief that every hiccup, large or small, is working in my favor so I don't waist energy getting frazzled. (Being happily married and not having kids helps too) I just take things one at a time. I meditated 10-20 min daily. I journal. If I do find my mind obsessing over something, I just take note of it without reacting. I decide to wait and see. I also vent with smart friends. A few weeks ago I was really pissed about something and I told one of my friends: "----- is making me so angry! Help me not feel this way." He did. I didn't look for justification for my anger, I wanted to move beyond it. He helped me gain the perspective I couldn't find on my own. Resentful feelings still popped up on the subject in little spirits for a couple days after but eventually those feelings faded and I never had to have an unpleasant interaction. I figured out how to set better boundaries moving forward without blaming another. Decisions like that give me a lot of self respect and a lot of energy. I'm not always entirely proud of my actions but I am of my intensions. When I mess up, when I experience disharmony, I just consider it part of the process. I'm not hard on myself but I hold myself to a high standard. I compassionately reflect and make note of how I can do better in the future. Then I keep on rockin' in the free world! And if you are reading this thinking: But it's not always that simple. Agreed. But what if it could be?

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