Ninja Ting Ting Chen

I had just finished attending a class @pureyogaofficial and this girl comes up to me and says: “I want to do that. Can you teach me that handstand? Here let me give you my phone number, I will be moving to Singapore next month.” That’s @tingtingchenyoga . No mincing words, simple, sincere and direct.

Ting Ting is a yoga teacher and had been practicing for a number of years but handstands were still elusive for her. Since moving to Singapore she attended class daily and maintained her home practice. Here she is now, about 3 years later and 30 weeks pregnant.

Ting Ting just does the work.

Ting Ting doesn’t need encouragement because she doesn’t take her practice personally. She knows there are days she feels strong and days she feels weak. She simply keeps at it with the same enthusiastic spirit. She keeps her head down and does the work #NODRAMA. Other students admire her because she makes it look so easy, and yes she is talented, but her body has it’s limitations too, she just doesn’t get caught up in them. She accepts what she is given without frustration or self pitty and works with it.

I love her profound level of non attachment. Recently (before she got too pregnant) we spent about a year practicing together where we worked until complete and utter exhaustion daily. She never compared herself to me and always encouraged me. Comparison is the worst. Ting Ting was amazing and I was amazing. She supported my growth and helped me enjoy the gruelling training we endured. Thank you Ting Ting for being my student, my assistant, my friend and my teacher as well.

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