How I Built My Social Media Presence

When I first started posting on Instragram it was uncomfortable for me. I didn’t have a good eye for photography and the whole process felt super self-indulgent. Why do people need to stare at my face? -and how many ways can I reinvent the handstand? But I kept posting believing that it was the smart thing to do to expand my outreach and believing that it would get easier. Awkward as it was, I continued to put myself out there. One day I was talking to my student, @yvettejune who studied social media and she offered me advice. She said “just teach! That’s what your good at. And remove the veil; let us know more about who you are as a person." BOOM DONE! I love teaching and I love writing my innermost thoughts. I have been journaling nearly everyday since I was 17. Writing helps me gain clarity and perspective. Writing transforms a cloud of overwhelm or confusion and simplifies it all. Writing is also my way to give thanks and praise. I love writing. And I have always been someone who is happy to share it all. I love humanizing myself, relating to and uplifting others. Teaching yoga- well that is what I was born to do. Like with my writing, I love taking complex ideas and breaking them down so that the information is more universally accessible. Additionally I enjoy goofing around and making the videos with my students. It is bonding time together. And there you have it. I found my niche. To teachers out there who don’t know how to use social media I say 1- You don’t need fame to have a successful career. There are so many different ways to teach and make a decent living. 2- If you want to grow your business, keep putting yourself out there. Don’t be in a hurry. Let go of anxiety and work consistently and calmly. 3- Repeat: Slow down, you’ll get there faster. 4- Search for a way to fun with it. 5- Do the work.


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