Unimportant Opinions

I think I make people feel safe because I know that it is not my place to have opinions about their choices. When students or friends come to me with a problem, I listen, I ask questions and I support them without telling them what they “should” do. Only once a certain amount of trust is established will I share what I would do. But still that doesn't mean they should do the same because what I would do isn’t that important. What is important is that we believe in each other and we support each other. I am so grateful for practicing non-judgment. Singapore is an incredibly diverse country! Here I have an eclectic mix of students who’ve become my close friends, all of who have values and lifestyles that are so unusual and special. I consider it a great privilege to learn about how so many fascinating people think. Tolerance is the practice of acceptance. It is a practice of peace. It builds community.

Photo by @estertaypictures

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