My Yoga Shelf (not shrine)

This is my yoga shelf. I’m not into altars or shrines. I’ve been called a rebel yogi, but I don’t mean to be; I just see things differently and I do what makes sense to me. I also love learning about the different beliefs that bring others peace.

Since I recently moved I got rid of a lot of yoga books. I don’t like saving books. Letting go of texts for me represents faith that I have retained the important information and that I am making room for new ideas. On my shelf I have all my notes from previous classes, workshops and teacher trainings I taught in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Abu Dhabi and other places. I have my outlines, student’s names, new ways of explaining concepts, new concepts worth exploring and many other students inspired teachings. These notes represent my evolution as a teacher and one day I will let them go too. I have my lucky clipboard, given to me by @denisekellerofficial . It makes me feel professional and safe when I am teaching workshops. I have my Singapore flag because Singapore gave me the highest honor in embracing my teachings as I discovered my message as a teacher. I have a clock I got from the Ghandi museum in India, because he is one of my idols. The clock doesn't keep time, and even though I am punctual, it represents that in the larger scheme of things I don’t believe in rushing to reach goals. I love to write and the clock is a penholder. I don’t think the pens work, but I have other pens. I also have my bobble heads from Abu Dhabi. I love teaching yoga in the Middle East. I feel a very strong kinship with the yoga community and I am honored that I am becoming a trusted teacher there. I look forward to learning more and more about their culture. Then there is my Swarovski crystal, given to me by my very inspiring German friend upon moving. She works for the philanthropic branch of Swarovski and told me that I can hold the crystal in my hand and it will bring me good luck. I’ve been told that about many things… like that and I love her. The one thing I am missing is any representation of America, where I was born and have now returned. I suppose I am having difficulty letting go of my life in Asia. I miss being surrounded by people whose lives are so different from my own and inspired me to grow at such a rapid rate. Living in Singapore was so exciting. But it’s only day 2 in America. As @denisekellerofficial told me, I didn’t leave, I’m just expanding. I so look forward to sharing all that I have learned from the yogis all over the world with the Denver yoga community. And I look forward to learning all the lessons I can from the American yogis.

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