Finding Your People

If you change yourself to make people like you,

You'll never find your people.

When I first moved to Singapore I was heavily pressured to change my teaching style. My classes were pretty empty. The most respected yoga teachers were Indian men. So who was this smily blonde with the handstands? I was asked to conform to a more traditional teaching style. I really thought about it and I almost lost my job... but I didn't feel comfortable teaching in a way that didn't resonate with my truth. I figured fuck it- if I lose my job someone else will hire me. But as my few students got really strong and wore bigger smiles more people grew interested in what I taught. Over time my teaching style did change, but it wasn't to fit in, it was to better serve my students. Thank you Singapore yogis, I am who I am today because of all you taught me. Denver yogis, I look forward to meeting you. Asia yogis, I am with you always.

Photo By @estertaypictures in @be_pureapparel

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