Make Class a Cocreation

After class students often ask how I know exactly what they were thinking. I'm not a psychic; I just pay a lot of attention.

Every teacher is different. I never enter a class with a "theme" or a specific message to convey. I don't want to impose upon my students what they should learn from yoga. Instead I like the mental/spirituality part of class to be a cocreation. I watch the students interact with the postures I give them and I let their interactions inspire my words. I am a big believer in presence and therefore spontaneity. Throughout class I make some commentary and then at the end of class I summarize the experience with a little speech about a theme that emerged. It’s so effing fun discovering why we came to class together that day!- and then sharing my thoughts about it with the students!

Speaking from the heart does require a good amount of vulnerability and effort to dig deep each time. There were many times where I was a clumsy with my wording. Fortunately my students were patient as I found my footing. Now with practice it’s become so natural to speak from the heart simply and honestly to my students. I love them. And I love sharing the learning experience.

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