Happy 52nd Singapore

I enjoy calm under pressure, but when I am not presented with challenges I grow restless. I think that’s one of the reasons I connect so well with Singapore. Singapore is fabulous and fun but it is also intense and hyper stimulating! It is my happy place. A land for those ambitious personalities who like to work and play hard!

Tomorrow Singapore is 52 years old! Happy National Day Singapore!!! All that this country has accomplished in just 52 years absolutely blows my mind. The majority of Singaporeans are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. The country also houses many expats from all over the world. Singapore is a country of growth because of the eclectic mix of high performing individuals who live there.

Living in Singapore I grew exponentially as an individual. Through my relationships with people from all over and through the ease with which I could travel to so many different countries (LOVE Changi Airport), I had the privilege of seeing the world from countless distinctive and fascinating perspectives. Thank you for making my world and consequently my heart so much bigger Singapore! I am forever grateful.

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