Rebel Hearts I'm With You

When I began yoga as a teenager I was very impressionable. I assumed that my teachers and the ancient texts knew better than I. I ignored my intuition because I didn’t value it. I valued what I was taught. As I grew older for various reasons I began to hear a voice from inside speak a bit louder. I was ashamed of my independent mindedness because when I questioned things I was considered “difficult” and I was belittled publicaly. But over the years my voice grew louder and louder anyway. I allowed it to grow because I noticed that my intuition was steering me in a direction that brought not just myself but the people around me greater happiness and harmony. I began to respect what was in my heart more than popular belief.

I am a free thinker.

Everyone who knows me knows that I see and interact with the world very differently than anyone else- but it works for me! More than anything I love learning about the different things that work for others.

As a teacher I value dissent in my students. I love collecting varying perspectives because whether I agree or not, these different perspectives make my worldview much broader. My world is local to me- it’s tiny. In setting myself aside and collecting different points of view I’ve learned how to get along well with just about anyone. This is how I choose to create peace.

Rebel hearts out there, you aren’t alone! What worked for the ancient ones, may not work for everyone and that is what makes this life worth living. Discovery, exploration and love are the reason I wake up everyday with an excited fire under my ass. I can’t wait to discover the different ways in which it’s all coming together or falling apart!

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