The Unlikeliest of Friends

Being an international yoga teacher is not as glamorous as it looks. I have spent many nights on planes, there’s a lot of paperwork, I don’t get time to myself and I miss my husband and cat… but for me it’s totally worth it! I love experiencing different cultures though the eyes of my yoga community. Through yoga I have made the unlikeliest of friends, people whom under no other circumstance

would I get to meet, know and love. I love feeling my mind expand as I see the world though the eyes of someone whose life I had never before imagined. Frankly, my favourite is learning to love some is whose lifestyle or beliefs are considered “weird” or “bad" to the folks I grew up with. Everyone’s perspective has a context. And I feel blessed that I get to learn about it. I believe that we are all connected. So, by choosing to respect others, my self respect grows. Fortunately or unfortunately since learning about all these different world views I have realised that I know nothing. I still stand by my personal beliefs, but I can’t pretend to have the answers for others. So I just listen, learn, love and teach yoga.

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