What Fuels Me

I am my best version of myself when I am teaching yoga. Years ago I made a commitment to love my students unconditionally and to trust in their path.

This fierce, passionate love has been an incredible source of fulfilment.

I do the things you aren’t supposed to do. I take my work home with me. I think about my students when I go to bed at night. In my daydreams, I invent and reinvent techniques in an effort to make postures more accessible for the ones who are asana hungry. I listen and support those who want to share their personal lives with me. Being there for them makes me happy.

My student Spencer once asked, “you give us so much energy, doesn’t it ever drain you?” No. It fuels me.

I love forgetting about myself while I focus my attention on my students. For me, loving like that, giving myself fully to enhancing their experience, is incredibly energising.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t ever tell students what they should want or how they should live. I just do my very best to create a nurturing environment where we practice loving the evolutionary process.

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