My Secret Weapon

For about 5 years now, hypnosis has been my secret weapon. People often remark about how much I travel and never fall ill. I’ve never sustained an injury. My body bounces back because stress doesn’t make me feel stressed. I attribute a lot of my stability to hypnosis. Hypnosis aligns my intentions with my actions. For example: when I don’t have any time for myself I get anxiety. My intention is to be present but my actions become scattered. Being with people is my favorite thing in the world and I start to hate it. The idea of talking to others literally makes me want to vomit… but I have dinners, classes to teach and meetings- day in and day out AND it’s my job to elevate everyone else’s spirits. I love my job and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but still it gets overwhelming sometimes. In steps hypnosis, because I don’t always have time to process my feelings before I have to keep going and going. Intellectually I know can handle it, but emotionally I’m spinning out. Hypnosis enables me to process all the information that I am taking in (and with students/patients sometimes it’s really heavy stuff) more efficiently. Hypnosis helps my emotional body catch up to who I want to be in the present moment. When I am hypnotized I am not completely zonked out. If I have an itch I can scratch it. I can still hear the clock on the wall. My conscious mind still knows what’s going on, it’s just a lot more docile. With my conscious mind chilled out my hypnotist can talk directly to my subconscious. She can find out what is driving my anxiety more directly and help me resolve those issues with much greater ease.

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