People are People and Some are Shady.

Unlike other areas of the health industry as yoga teachers, we as are selling happiness and harmony. An issue that I’ve been managing for 10+ years that many of my student teachers are now discovering, is that a lot of yoga teachers are very comfortable with stepping all over anyone that they see as a threat. The same people who may say “we grow by lifting others” are just as cutthroat as any other business person. That’s life. People are people and some are shady. I have had my good nature taken advantage of many times by fellow teachers. It is confusing and hurtful, but emotions aside, circumstantially life has a way of taking care of things. Call it karma if you like. And I still get to live my life feeling proud of who I am and the decisions that I make. One such decision is staying professional even when another teacher has attempted to sabotage me. I take accountability whenever possible for having left myself vulnerable with the wrong person. I don’t beat myself up but I try and learn my lesson. Moving forward when talking to other professionals I’ll speak well enough of whoever hurt me because we are all works in progress. And if this person does decide to change I don’t want to have spread a rumor that holds them back. Being generous is actually selfish also because it enhances my self-esteem and makes me much more happy and free. Still boundaries are important. The more successful I become the more I am learning to be careful of whom I trust. I check and double check when taking on new projects. Trust is something that must be earned. I am so grateful for the growing team of angels that I can rely on. Thank you @mikey_ki @sweetlimenwater @denisekelleroffical @emilytorockio @thewizang @caleyalyssa @marysia_t_weiss @shavasanadaily @belinda_tang @yvettejune and @justyng @margiecordon ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @jasperyoga

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