Don't Lose Yourself Pursing Approval

There is a formula to grow a brand on social media, and while I want to develop my business, I don’t want to lose myself in playing a role that makes me more “likeable.” In order to maintain my self-respect I cannot be just about “what works.” So every day I ask myself, what can I offer that is of some real value?

In the real world, I have seen so many beautiful people put on a show to become more attractive for dating, socializing and even for the love of their family. The thing is, even if you can get more people to like you, you are only getting them to fall for a façade. You won’t be appreciated for who you are and your soul deserves to be seen! Some of the most impressive people I know live with deep insecurity because their self worth is built on shaky ground: the approval of others. Peruse self-knowledge. I know it can be scary, but long term there is no other choice that will better sustain your health and happiness.

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