A Foodie and Her Bloody Mary

Unless you follow my instastories you may not know that I love a good brunch! I love sitting with friends over a long lazy meal, hearing about their lives and also discussing the different flavours, layers and sensations that each thoughtfully prepared bite offers.

Tasting is a game to see which nuances my palate picks up on. And then I wonder, how can I best describe my experience of this taste? It’s such a cool and fun way to connect! Plus who doesn’t like a little afternoon buzz on a Sunday? Sharing food and drinks with loved ones is simply the best!

This past weekend my magical Sunday started off with this delicious Bloody Mary by @hedgerowbistros . It had the right amount of pepperiness and a slightly chunky texture without being overly complicated. The super fresh ingredients were mixed with the right amount of vodka to make my smile just a bit broader.

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