Ana: My Helper and My Hero

Many of you have asked about my “Marysia” necklace. It was actually made by my helper in Singapore, Ana’s husband. Ana is one of my inspirations. Every thing she does is for others.

I used to get a bit frustrated with her because she was so preoccupied with serving others that she seemed to neglect herself. Finally I asked her: “But Ana, what do you want?” I will never forget the passion with which she spoke: “I don’t care about myself! I want to be able to take care of my family! ” She took my breath away and shut me right up.

Self-care is part of what I teach and it is important for many of us. But it is not important for everyone. We are all different and it is important to respect each other’s differences. Ana is an adult and I have to trust that she knows what is best for her.

She is always smiling and she doesn’t harbor any resentment. She works efficiently and tirelessly to send money back to her family in the Philippines. She is smart and always goes an extra 10 miles for the people she cares about, including me. Thank you for touching my life Ana. I miss you so much.

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