No Apologies: I Was Build for Intensity

Recently someone asked me: “You are quite Type A huh?

I replied: “yes!” They responded: “so are you working on that?” I replied: “Nope, I like it.”

There is often this idea that yogis should be simple; want simple things and lead a simple life. I have big dreams and crave excitement and adventure. I was born this way. Denying who I am, whom I believe I was born to be, would be an act of betrayal. I have a lot of energy. I like to work until exhaustion. I love to give every ounce of myself to my students, friends and family. And then I want to celebrate until I cannot dance any longer. This is how I like to live. I was built for intensity.

As my friend @ginnboree said, “I’m not ready to sit back and watch the sun set, I wanna go out and salute the sun!” One day I may burn out, and at that time I may become simple… but until then- let it rip!!!

Sunglasses @gucci

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