Focus Here Cuz Out There is Madness.

When I read the news and hear about the atrocities that innocent people face I feel hurt and confused. Making sense of it all is impossible. Trying to save the world leaves me feeling helpless. So what can I do?

You see, I still kinda believe in world peace, but how we get there I don’t know. For now I practice putting my head down and focus on those around me. I choose to support my husband, family, friends and students. I’m starting locally and having a faith that together we can figure out a way to grow our efforts.

Still, fact of the matter is that between nuclear weapons, and natural disasters who really knows what the next strike will be? We are all vulnerable. More than ever there is only the present moment. But instead of fixating on all the terrible decisions that are made by public officials I fixate on bettering myself. How can I show more love? When I spend my days bringing people together I grow present and joyful.

And really all we have is this moment. I make mistakes. I say stupid insensitive things sometimes but because there is no malice behind it I know I can get better. I can do better. I can help heal the world in my small way. One day at a time.


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