Hearing My Instincts Took Practice

If you are like me you were taught to trust your teachers, gurus, or “the experts.” The idea of valuing my own intuition first was never discussed. So I always thirsted for information about what I “should” do, eat, wear, say…

But over time I became confused as I was exposed to more incongruous information from various “reliable” sources. So I began to practice closely observing how well the different pieces of advice I had acquired actually worked for me. Then I began to theorize and make up my own advice.

Sometimes I let myself down. When I did I would talk to people I trusted about it. I’d use them as a sounding board to figure out how my signals got crossed. Then I would try again and again and again. I’ve gotten pretty good at listing to my instincts now.

Having faith in myself and the things life bring my way has made my life bigger and brighter than any dream I’ve ever dreamed. I still have plenty of work to do and doing it, though difficult at times, feels amazing!

📸 @nknds

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